TNA Impact Spoilers

February 25th:

– Abyss beats Desmond Wolfe. A.J. Styles and Ric Flair jump Abyss and Wolfe helps with the assault. Hulk Hogan makes the save but Flair takes him down. The heels handcuff Abyss to the ring and beat on Hogan, busting him open. Abyss breaks free and the heels run away. They announce Hulk Hogan & Abyss vs Ric Flair & A.J. Styles for the live Monday March 8th Impact.

– Rob Terry beats Ken Anderson. Kurt Angle sneaks into the ring as Anderson does his pre-match mic work and hits Anderson with a chair. Terry then hits Anderson with a powerslam and gets the pin.

– ODB beats Daffney by DQ after Daffney goes mental.

– Eric Bischoff sends Jeff Jarrett to work in catering as punishment for not taking out Abyss with the barbed wire baseball bat last week.

– Beer Money beats Motor City Machine Guns, Generation Me and Matt Morgan & Hernandez in a non-title four-way match. Hernandez is unhappy with Morgan’s cockiness.

March 4th:

– British Invasion lays out Rob Terry after he beats up Doug Williams.

– A.J. Styles and Ric Flair call out Hulk Hogan. He appears with Abyss and they try to offer them all of their women to get the match called off. Hogan just wants to get them in the ring after what Flair and Styles did. Flair says he is going to get to pin Hogan on national TV for the first time.

– Angelina Love calls out Velvet Sky but winds up getting assaulted and whipped by the Beautiful People.

– Ken Anderson dresses up as Kurt Angle and cuts a promo about being the wrestler who gets hurt the most in the business. Angle turns up and they brawl, with Anderson blinding Angle by throwing something in his eyes and then giving him an Angle Slam.

– Jeff Jarrett beats Tomko.

– A.J. Styles wins a four-way with Da Pope, Desmond Wolfe and Abyss by making Da Pope submit to a figure-four. Flair hits Abyss with a barbed wire baseball bat but Hogan comes out and uses it on Flair, busting him open. Da Pope helps Abyss and Hogan run off the heels.

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