Greatest Survivor Player Of All-Time: Contenders – Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch
Survivor Borneo, Survivor All-Stars

What is there to say about the man that hasn’t already been said. He defined the ‘alliance’ strategy, is perhaps the best people-reader to ever play, is easily remembered for his naked indiscretions and won the first Survivor. Beyond that, however, it wasn’t just the fact that Richard got the Tagi alliance together, but because he managed to also dominate the competition side of things as well. While he certainly didn’t have as many individual immunity wins as Colby, it was his move at the final Borneo tribal council that is regarded by many as being the greatest move of all-time (namely, when he voluntarily quit the final challenge knowing that it would be in both Kelly and Rudy’s best interest to take him as their opponent in front of the jury). There can be no discussion of who is the greatest, without starting with Richard Hatch.

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