Inside Pulse WWE Smackdown Report 02/19/10

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The normal Smackdown opening starts the show this week and after some pyro we are reminded that Edge and Batista will square off in tonight’s main event. Chris Jericho then strolls down to the ring to properly start the show with an in-ring promo. After Jericho reminds us of some of his past triumphs, he adds beating the Undertaker last week to the list. But before he can reiterate his promise to win this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match, Edge interrupts to show us his new t-shirt. Edge agrees that beating the Undertaker is awesome but reminds Chris that he may have played a role in Jericho’s victory last week. They both make some threats and promises before going nose to nose and after an Undertaker tease, Edge spears Jericho to end the segment.

Kane def Dolph Ziggler: As Kane makes his entrance, we are informed that he will battle Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship at the pay-per-view Sunday. Ziggler quickly goes on the attack after the bell sounds but a flapjack by Kane ends this early offensive attempt. A scoop slam and elbow drop then produces an early two count for the Big Red Machine. Dolph tries to get back into the match by backing Kane in a corner and unloading with punches but an uppercut by Kane ends that flurry. Kane then clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope and Smackdown breaks for some commercials.

As we return to action Dolph is back in the ring and in control of the arm of a grounded Kane. We see via replay that Ziggler was able to send Kane into the ringside barricade shoulder first and this is now the basis for him working on his possibly injured arm. Kane is able to fight out of the hold by lifting Dolph up and dropping him with a sideslam. Kane forges a comeback and after hitting a big boot climbs the turnbuckle but is distracted by Drew McIntyre’s new entrance music (and I suppose the appearance of McIntyre himself). Kane misses on a flying clothesline and Ziggler jumps on his back and locks on a sleeper hold. Kane gets to the ropes and the ref forces a break but Ziggler jumps right back on Kane’s back. However this time Dolph is easily tossed off and when he looks for another quick attack he walks right into a chokeslam by Kane. The pinfall is academic but before Kane can celebrate his victory, McIntyre jumps into the ring to attack him. Drew goes for the Future Shock but Kane fights out of it and the IC Champ declines further fisticuffs.

After the break we get a video package showcasing Ezekiel Jackson winning the ECW Championship Tuesday night and it ends by informing us that he is coming to Smackdown.

Cryme Tyme def Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft: As I think to myself that Croft and Barreta need a name for their tag team, Striker calls them “the Dudebusters” and now I’m left hoping that is not the actual name for their team. Croft starts off against JTG and J is quickly rolling attacking both men and getting a two count on Croft. JTG gets distracted by Barreta as he is perched on the top rope and Croft dumps him outside to turn the early tide of the match. Trent then formally tags in and gets a few shots in on JTG outside of the ring before both men reenter the squared circle. Croft tags back in and they combine on a bit of tandem offense twice as Barreta is quickly back into the match. After taking his lumps for awhile from the heels, JTG blocks an attack after being placed on the turnbuckles and finally makes the hot tag to his partner. Big Shad blows up Trent with a pair of clotheslines and big back body drop before smacking Caylen off the apron. Shad then hits a nice delayed press slam on Barreta but the pinfall is broken up by Croft. All four men are in the ring and JTG and Croft both get dumped outside. Barreta hits Shad with a springboard dropkick but gets his follow-up blocked and Shad nails him with the Thugnificent for the win.

Josh Matthews interviews John Morrison in the back about his injury last week and his new DVD. Morrison drops a Tough Enough reference for everyone looking forward to NXT before R-Truth drops by so they can attempt some comedy and let us know that they are buddies everywhere but in the Chamber match.

The Straight Edge Society makes their way to the ring and after a recap of Punk’s match last week versus Rey Mysterio and the aftermath, it seems Punk will grant us with a sermon. Punk lets us know how humble he is before reminding us that he is the greatest thing to ever happen to us. He finds your lack of faith disturbing and will win the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday to prove to you that he is indeed our savior.

Straight Edge Society def John Morrison & R-Truth: CM Punk starts against Morrison and he quickly takes a few lunges at John’s leg. Morrison is able to dodge these attempts and controls Punk with a headlock before tagging R-Truth in and they combine for a double gut buster. Truth also works the headlock but Punk fights out of it with a back suplex before tagging in Luke Gallows. Truth gets a quick two count from a flying crossbody but action is halted as pyro explodes on the ramp and everyone worries about the Undertaker before breaking for commercials.

After the pyro guy’s booze is taken away we return to action in the ring and Punk has control of Truth. Via replay we are shown Gallows hitting a backbreaker during our absence and we are told it changed the entire momentum of the match. Punk continues to assault the back of R-Truth before tagging in Gallows who continues the assault in hoss-like fashion. Luke hits a big boot on Morrison to knock him off the apron before hitting Truth with a big splash in the corner for a nearfall. Punk returns to the action and the assault on the back continues before and after a hot tag tease. Gallows briefly tags back in for more of the same before Punk is again the legal man. Punk goes for a springboard clothesline but it is thwarted by Truth and the tag to Morrison is finally made. John comes in with a flurry of offense and quickly hits a running knee for a nearfall. Morrison hits a springboard kick to knock Gallows off the apron and then dodges Punk’s ensuing charge into the corner to send him into the ringpost. John follows him onto the apron and goes for another kick but Punk ducks it and Morrison’s previously injured leg crashes into the unforgiving steel. Punk immediately attacks the leg and Charles Robinson stops the match with Morrison unable to stand or defend himself.

Post match Punk looks to continue the beatdown but R-Truth slows his roll before Serena blocks his path. Gallows takes advantage of the distraction to hit his finisher with many names on Truth and then Rey Mysterio decides to join the party. Rey gets a few shots in but the numbers overtake him as well and Punk and Gallows give him a beating as well.

Meanwhile in Teddy Long’s office, he is enjoying a replay of Vickie getting food dumped on her last week. Vickie Guerrero interrupts to spoil his fun. Mickie James stops by to apologize to Vickie but she isn’t interested. Vickie then informs her she’ll be defending her title against Michelle McCool in a match where she will be the guest referee.

The Hart Dynasty def Maria, Matt Hardy & The Great Khali: The ladies start the match and Natty scores a quick takedown on the former Playboy covergirl. Natalya attacks the hair and slams Maria’s face into the mat before locking on a headlock with both women back on their feet. After an exchange on the ropes Maria gets the upper hand and Natalya quickly tags out and both ladies have to leave and Hardy and Kidd restart the match. Matt gets a tilt-a-whirl sideslam for a two count and follows with a modified powerbomb out of the corner for another. Hardy wanders into the wrong side of town and Smith is tagged in and he hits a neckbreaker. Kidd and Smith combine for some tandem offense and Tyson is once again made the legal man. Smith reenters with an assisted delayed vertical suplex for another long two count before locking in a headlock. Matt fights out of it and hits a Side Effect before stumbling to his corner and inadvertently tagging in Maria instead of Khali as he was hit from behind. Khali and Matt battle Kidd and Smith outside the ring as Maria is seemingly unaware with she was tagged into the match. Natalya clues her in by tossing her into the ring and hitting her with a discus clothesline for the pinfall victory.

After the match Maria seems to be upset and leaves the ring with Matt tailing behind. After a promo for the Elimination Chamber matches this Sunday, a reminder of tonight’s main event and an ad for Morrison’s DVD, Hardy finally catches up with his lady backstage. It turns out she is just upset with costing her pals the loss. Matt tries to make her feel better and get some action but their moment is interrupted by Michelle McCool and Layla. Hilarity does not ensue and Matt tells them both to grow up.

Edge vs. Batista: Batista stalls during the early portion of the match before leaving the ring and walking up the ramp seemingly willing to take yet another count out loss. Edge halts the ref’s count and grabs a mic to make fun of Dave and “pull his punk card”. It apparently works and Batista decides to return to the ring to officially start the match. After an exchange in the corner Edge hits a spinning wheel kick and sets up for a spear attempt but Batista slides out of the ring and into a commercial break.

As we return, Batista hits a kick and then sweeps the leg to gain control of Edge. He follows by slamming him into the turnbuckle and then takes him outside the ring to attempt a Batista Bomb in the steel steps. Edge backdrops his way out of it and then hits a diving clothesline off the apron as Dave gets to his feet. Both men climb back in the ring an Edge reverses a slam attempt into an Edge–O–Matic for a long two count. Edge again sets up for the spear but Batista is ready for it, turning it into a spinebuster for a nearfall. Edge escapes from another Batista Bomb attempt and hits the Edgecution for another nearfall. Edge goes up top but Dave is up quickly and stops his climb and then taunts Edge with his own spear mannerisms. Edge answers the mocking and maneuver with a spear of his own but no sooner does he hit it then the lights go out. When they return the Undertaker is in the ring and he chokeslams Edge as Batista takes his leave. As the Undertaker poses on the entrance stage, Chris Jericho enters the ring and hits a Codebreaker on Edge. Jericho and Taker then stare each other down to end the show.