Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Spoilers: Stephenie LaGrossa Speaks Out; Why Did She Go After Amanda; Calls James 'Lunatic Bully'

In an interview conducted after last night’s episode had aired, Survivor contestant Stephenie LaGrossa spoke out about what happened last night.

Why were you targeting Amanda?
Amanda and James were just so tight and we knew that probably had a connection on the other side with Parvati. We really thought Cirie was with them too, and then Cirie pulled me aside and was like, “I swear to you, I’m not with them.” So I was trying to pull her with us but with Tom and Colby it was a little too late. She was like. “All of a sudden they want me with you because they need the numbers?”

What happened when you all got back to camp?
So one thing led to another. There was fighting at the beach. Tom had it out with James, Colby had it out with James. They didn’t show that for time purposes or whatever. And then Tribal Council was way more than what you saw. Basically, James was just being really degrading and some lunatic bully. I was talking back to him at first and then I was kind of like, it’s not even worth it because he’s making a fool of himself and they’ve made their minds up. I was trying to go out with as much class as I could, ’cause I was so pissed and so annoyed because he was being so unintelligent. Bringing up losing challenges in Palau?

To read the entire interview, click HERE

Credit: EW

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