John Morrison News: Rey Mysterio Thoughts, Tough Enough Legacy, Being Left off Wrestlemania 25

The Shaman of Sexy has been doing someinterviews lately with a mix of kayfabe and real responses

on wrestling Rey Mysterio
. I think for me the defining moment of the past summer and all those matches was my match against Rey Mysterio. I think it’s because Rey Mysterio is someone I always looked up to, and when I was first getting into wrestling I watched hours of Rey Mysterio on tape and imagined, “Man, if I could wrestle him,” or “if I could move like him, how great would that be?” When I wrestled him, though, it was cool, but, I got a feeling the fans were going to start booing me because Rey Mysterio is so popular that they’re not going to want to see me beating up on Rey. What was so cool about that match for me was that that didn’t happen. They didn’t boo Rey, and they didn’t boo me either. They cheered for both of us, and I ended up beating Rey for the Intercontinental championship, and they cheered for me at the end, too. I picked Rey up and hugged him and they cheered for both us because we had such a good match that the fans were cheering for the match, and I think that’s really what the object of sports entertainment is.

on coming in from Tough Enough and being accepted
Yeah, for me it was a little bit rough. I remember the first day I went to OVW, and everyone had already been there for a few months, for a few years, to several years, and seeing me and [fellow Tough Enough winner] Matt Cappotelli walk in fresh off the MTV show. … If you put yourself in their position, they’ve been working at something for a few years and here comes some kid who right now is way more popular than they ever were because we’ve got all this hype and publicity from MTV. And so I think they were a little bit jealous and they didn’t know us yet either, so of course you come in and you have to battle kind of a negative attitude from other people straight from the beginning. But if your attitude is good and you want to have good matches and you want to be employed for the right reasons, then I think people start to see that and respect that and respect you as a person, and you can fit in anywhere.

on being the dark match at Wrestlemania 25
It really sucked. You know, you work all year. … You think like WrestleMania is the Super Bowl of wrestling, and to not be included on the biggest show of the year after you’ve already invited your family and friends and told them that you are going to be is a real bummer, but at least I did get to do the dark match, which is really cool because I got to perform in front of that huge crowd in Houston. It’s something where you just have to get used to it with World Wrestling Entertainment. You get a lot of curveballs and you just have to learn to roll with the punches.

Full Interview at the Baltimore Sun

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