UFC 110 Live Round by Round Updates


The UFC is set for its debut in Australia this evening with UFC 110 set for Acer Arena in Sydney.

The event, unlike most foreign ones, is set to air at 10 p.m. ET here in the United States with a main card headlined by a heavyweight contender match up between Cain Velasquez and Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Noguiera. Also featured on the evening’s main card is the bad blood match up between Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva and Michael “The Count” Bisping.

Filling out the main card is another heavyweight fight between Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Anthony Perosh. A light heavyweight bout between Keith Jardine and Ryan Bader, along with a lightweight bout between George Sotiropolous and Joe “Daddy” Stevenson.

Inside Fights will be covering the event live tonight with round by round updates beginning at 10 p.m. ET for the entirety of the main card. Please join us for a night of exciting fights with the UFC’s debut in Australia.

Main Event:

Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera vs. Cain Velasquez

Round 1-
The two exchange, and Velasquez lands a couple nice leg kicks followed by some nice punches. Velasquez lands another solid leg kick and throws a good combination. Another leg kick by Velasquez. Head kick blocked by Nogueira. Velasquez lands another nice leg kick. Velasquez puts together another very smooth, fast combination. He is moving very nicely and getting the better of Nogueira on the feet. Velasquez lands some huge shots and sends Noguiera to the canvas. Velasquez follows up with some heavy ground and pound, and Nogueira is saved by referee Herb Dean. Vicious technical knockout victory for Cain Velasquez.
Result: Cain Velasquez defeats Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via TKO at 2:20 in Round 1.

Main Card:

Wanderlei Silva vs. Michael Bisping

Round 1-
The fight begins with the two exchanging jabs and kicks, but nothing major yet. Silva throws a couple of kicks. Bisping gets a takedown, Silva stands. Bisping takes it back down, but Silva stands, and “The Count” looks for a knee. Nothing lands and the two separate. Silva takes the center of the octagon, and Bisping circles on the outside. Bisping gets in with a jab, but quickly gets out to avoid any damage from “The Axe Murderer”. Nice takedown by Bisping, but Silva stands up. Bisping throws a head kick, but it does not land flush. Silva lands a nice right hand, followed by a leg kick. Bisping counters with some kicks. Silva throws a heavy leg kick, followed by a second. Silva throws a flurry, but Bisping lands a nice shot and throws up his hands. Silva lands a nice leg kick. The two exchange with Silva throwing a quick flurry. Silva finishes the round with a vicious flurry. The round was very close, but Bisping’s takedowns may have been enough to give him the round.

Round 2-
Silva lands a nice leg kick. Bisping throws a body kick, but Silva catches it and sweeps out Bisping’s other leg. Silva on top looking to work his ground and pound. Bisping looks for an arm bar, but Silva explodes out of the danger. Bisping stands, but Silva lands a nice body shot for his troubles. Bisping looks for an opening and is moving in and out of exchanges well. Silva lands a nice shot to the Brit. Bisping throws a kick and looks for a takedown. He gets Silva to the floor, but Silva stands back up. Silva continues with the leg kicks. And continues. The round is coming to a close and Silva is looking to flurry. Bisping grabs a takedown, but Silva catches a guillotine. The guillotine was deep, but Bisping survives. Round 2 was another close one. Too close to call.

Round 3-
Silva begins the round with a leg kick, followed by continuous leg kicks. Bisping takes the center and lands a nice left hook. Silva continues to attempt to set up his flurries with leg kicks. Silva lands a nice right hand. Bisping lands a nice right hand, as well. Silva takes a shot to the groin, and the fight is stopped momentarily. The action resumes with an exchange of kicks. Silva is relentless with these leg kicks. Silva lands a nice punch, and Bisping looks for the takedown. The crowd begins chanting “Silva” and “The Axe Murderer” seems to enjoy it. Bisping looks for a takedown, but Silva stuffs it. Silva lands a nice body kick. Fight is stopped again due to an unintentional eye poke, courtesy of “The Count”. The bout resumes with under two minutes remaining. Silva looks to flurry, but Bisping is avoiding the majority of the punches. Silva catches another Bisping kick and sweeps him again. Forty seconds remain in a very close fight. Silva is looking to end with a bang, and Bisping’s survives a big shot. Several other shots are landed and Bisping is in deep trouble, but survives the round. That round belongs to Silva.
Result: Wanderlei Silva defeats Michael Bisping via unanimous decision.

George Sotiropoulos vs. Joe Stevenson
Round 1-
The introductions go as planned – boos for Stevenson and cheers for Sotiropoulos – and the fight is underway. The two exchange lightly on the feet, and Sotiropoulos looks for a takedown, but Stevenson avoids it. After getting tangled in the clinch, Sotiropoulos gets on top and flawlessly moves to half guard. Sotiropoulos, the Australian, looks to move to side control, while Stevenson attempts to better his position. Referee Herb Dean tells the two to work. Sotiropoulos is attempting to get his leg free, and Stevenson attempts to sweep. Sotiropoulous stands up and begins throwing down on Stevenson. Sotiropoulos catches an upkick, and moves from side control to mount. One minute to go in the round. Sotiropoulos is now on top and is looking to take Stevenson’s back. The Australian moves to north-south. He is working for an arm bar, but moves back to the full mount. Sotiropoulos dominates round 1.

Round 2-
The two begin the feeling out process on the feet for the first half of the first minute. Sotiropoulos rocks Stevenson with a nice punch. Stevenson looks for an uppercut but misses. Nice combination by Sotiropoulos. Stevenson is getting outclassed. Sotiropoulos takes the center of the cage and looks for some openings. Stevenson lands a nice right hand, but the Australian lands a shot of his own. Sotiropoulous lands another very nice combination, but Stevenson gets the takedown. Sotiropoulos works a tight rubber guard, and is working for an omoplata. Sotiropoulos is pretty close, as Stevenson’s arm is trapped. Sotiropoulous utilizes the submission to get the sweep and is back on top. Stevenson gets a single and is back on top. Sotiropoulos works back to the rubber guard and is looking for an arm lock. Close guard again for Sotiropoulos. Stevenson drops for a leg lock, but Sotiropoulos scrambles out of it and is back on top. Sotiropoulos works for an anaconda, but the round is over. Another dominant round by the Australian.

Round 3-
Final round begins, and Stevenson may have no way of winning this fight, as he gets tagged a few times by the Australian. Sotiropoulos catches a kick and gets back on top of Stevenson, but Stevenson gets back up. Sotiropoulos has Stevenson up against the cage, and “Daddy” is clearly frustrated. Sotiropoulos lands a nice shot, and Stevenson is struggling to mount any offense. The two move back up against the cage and clinch. The fight goes back to the ground and Stevenson gets half guard. Stevenson needs to capitalize here, but Sotiropoulos may be just too good on the ground for “Daddy” to get a stoppage. The two are back to standing, but only for a moment, as Stevenson lands another takedown. Sotiropoulos working out of Eddie Bravo’s mission control, as the fight comes to a close. Stevenson put up somewhat of a fight that round, but there is no wonder who won that fight.
Result: George Sotiropoulos defeats Joe Stevenson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Keith Jardine vs. Ryan Bader
Round 1-
Jardine comes out with a quick right. The two are just feeling each other out, and Bader clinches with Jardine up against the cage. The two are free and continue to look for opportunities. Bader lands a nice shot, but Jardine moves forward just moments later with a combination. Jardine circles around the octagon, while Bader takes the center. Big right hand by Bader and he gets the takedown as well. Jardine moves to butterfly guard, but Bader moves it back to half guard. Bader utilizing some ground and pound, and Jardine moves back to butterfly guard. And Bader gets it back to half guard. Jardine gets double underhooks and looks to sweep. The referee stands them up and the two exchange with each landing a few shots. Bader initiates with a flurry, and Jardine counters. The round comes to a close. No significant damage to either fighter, but Bader took that one.

Round 2-
The two begin with some exchanges, but nothing really lands until Jardine scores a nice leg kick. Bader didn’t enjoy that and clinches with Jardine after a failed takedown attempt. Bader is working for a takedown, but Jardine is doing a solid job avoiding it. The two break and continue to look for openings on the feet. Bader looks for a takedown again and the two clinch. Jardine’s takedown defense is holding strong, as Bader is unable to get it to the ground so far in this round. The two separate again and look to exchange on the feet. Jardine lands a nice combo, followed by a big right hand. He sprawls and avoids another takedown. Jardine is pushing the pace in this round and continues to work the leg kicks. Jardine and Bader each throw kicks and the two get tripped up and fall. Back on the feet, Bader looks for a takedown and gets it. However, Jardine is back up as the round comes to a close. Close round, but likely will go to Jardine, which makes this an even fight thus far.

Round 3-
The two begin with a feeling out process, but Bader looks for a takedown and pushes Jardine to the cage. The two separate, and Jardine looks for another leg kick, but Bader checks it. Jardine looks for another kick, but Bader looks for a takedown. He gets it, but Jardine is back up. Bader appears the more tired of the two. Bader lands a nice right hand, followed by a flying knee. A left hand puts Jardine to the floor, and the fight is over at 2:10 of Round 3.
Result: Ryan Bader defeats Keith Jardine via KO at 2:10 of Round 3

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs. Anthony Perosh
Round 1-
Perosh looks to land a jab. Stiff uppercut by Cro Cop followed by a head kick. Cro Cop is chasing the Australian down. Perosh goes for a takedown and gets punished with some hammerfists. Cro Cop gets on top on the ground, but chooses to stand. Cro Cop seems very relaxed as he stalks Perosh. Perosh lands a leg kick. Cro Cop lands a huge shot that stuns Perosh. Perosh ends up on his back, but stands back up. The two clinch with the Croatians back to the cage. Perosh is looking to get this fight down, and who could blame him. Cro Cop continues to stalk and leads with a big left hand. Perosh is bleeding, and Cro Cop stuffs another takedown. Ground and pound by Cro Cop, but he lets the Australian back up. Cro Cop stuffs another takedown and throws a big left. The stalking continues with one minute left, as Cro Cop lands a solid body kick. Cro Cop stuffs yet another takedown and continues to work the ground and pound. The two stand and the round comes to a close. That one was all Cro Cop.

Round 2-
Cro Cop gets right back to stalking, and Perosh continues circling away. Cro Cop looks stuffs yet another takedown and it doesn’t look like Perosh is going to be able to get this fight to the ground. Cro Cop throws a flurry, followed by another. Perosh hasn’t had much offense, but lands some leg kicks to set up a takedown that is, once again, stuffed by the Croatian. Cro Cop smothering Perosh with ground and pound. Perosh continues to attempt to work for a ground battle, but Cro Cop is having none of that. Another takedown is stuffed by Cro Cop, and the two get tangled in the middle of the cage. Cro Cop is stalking once again, and stuffs another takedown…basically the story of this fight thus far. Cro Cop in Perosh’s guard, but it doesn’t look like Perosh will have any time to work, as a vicious elbow cuts Perosh right open. Perosh is bleeding badly, but shows incredible heart by saying he wants to continue. Incredible heart on display here. The fight resumes and Perosh lands a leg kick. Cro Cop lands some heavy hands on the ground, but Perosh continues to work. Round ends, but the fight is stopped due to the nasty cut Perosh sustained in the round.
Result: Cro Cop defeats Perosh via TKO (cut) at 5:00 of R2
The UFC rolled into Sydney, Australia tonight with another fantastic evening of fights. Thanks for tuning into Inside Fights for round by round updates for UFC 110. Stay tuned to insidefights.com for further coverage of all this MMA, and follow us on twitter (@insidefights) for constant updates.