10 Thoughts on Monday Night RAW for 02.22.2010 featuring John Cena, Batista, Vince McMahon, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels et al

Welcome to 10 Thoughts!  Last night was Elimination Chamber and that should make for an interesting RAW.

  1. Always good to see Chris Jericho.  His smug opening segment was a thing of beauty and the Edge entrance was perfect.  No banter, just a spear and Edge letting Jericho know who his opponent is at Wrestlemania.
  2. John Cena says he got screwed.  WAAAAA!  His character was never this whiny before.
  3. The new Divas Champion was finally crowned after a tournament of lousy wrestling.  This final really exemplified the terrible quality of wrestling on the women’s RAW roster.  I think this is my first thought ever about the Divas and hopefully it’ll be my last.
  4. I hate Jewel.  She just annoys me to no end.  I don’t even have a reason for it.
  5. Randy Orton cleaning out Legacy was awesome.  This internal feud has been in danger of going on too long but pulling the trigger on it now makes a lot of sense.  Expect a triple threat or handicap match at Wrestlmania.  The RKO on the outside was sold expertly by Ted DiBiase, Jr.
  6. The Shawn Michaels-Undertaker confrontation was a lot tamer than I thought it would be.  I hoped Undertaker would say no to the match request.  Just to remind me of the joke “Masochist to Sadist – ‘Hurt Me’  Sadist to Masochist ‘No’”.  I like the Career vs. Streak angle though.  Looks like McMahon is going to give Michaels a bigger sendoff than he did to Ric Flair.  You know, to get THAT taste out of his mouth.
  7. Captain Charisma on RAW is exactly where he belongs.  He’s going to be great in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.  Here’s hoping he gets a world title shot in the near future.
  8. Wendi Richter is a great choice for the Hall of Fame.  I remember as a kid being totally enthralled with that feud with Moolah.   Everyone forgets that Cyndi Lauper was a HUGE star during that time.  It really helped bring wrestling to the huge heights it reached in the 80s.  Roddy Piper is a good choice to induct her as well. (Not as good as Cyndi Lauper but good nonetheless.)
  9. They started the main event at 9:04 Mountain Time.  As if we didn’t know there would be shenanigans.
  10. Well, it’s official.  We get Batista vs. Cena for not only the “star personality” portion of Wrestlemania (with Bret Hart) but also as RAW’s main event.  I’m not happy about that.  Couldn’t they go to the trouble of creating two storylines?


Hope you had fun reading.  See you next week, kids.

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