Mick Foley News: New Book, Vince McMahon TNA Reaction, Bret Hart Thoughts

Mick Foley has been doing some stand-up and improv comedy around his work in TNA, and he recently did an interview talking abou both.

on doing wrestling humor
That’s the biggest challenge – to delve out into other subjects without alienating the people who are there for the wrestling stuff. One thing I was proud of when I did the college talks was that, although stories revolved around experiences that I had in wrestling, one did not need to be a wrestling fan to enjoy them. I feel the same way about these shows. It won’t be so wrestling exclusive that a brave soul who wonders in to check it out will feel uncomfortable.

on his new book “Countdown to Lockdown”
I just finished the afterward two days ago. The afterward I think is one of the best things that I’ve written. I think people will really enjoy it. During the afterward I talk about how in retrospect the period I chronicle may not seem important at all, but the journey that those six weeks led me on has become one of the most important periods in my life. There’s just so much going on in wrestling and the world moves so fast that we very seldom have a chance to look back and kind of appreciate the components of what makes a good wrestling show or a good wrestling angle, and I think that this book does that.

on Vince McMahon’s public reaction to TNA Monday
I think he will no-sell it publicly for a while. I think it has to be a concern to him internally, if only because so many of the people who were big stars on his show are now working for the competition. I would say honestly with the exception of their top six or seven guys that we have a lineup that fans are really more familiar with.

on Bret Hart
I think it’s great if it brings Bret some closure, because he never had closure in WWE. I think every wrestler reserves the right to change their mind and have that right respected. I know I’ve done it a couple of times. So I don’t think any less of Bret and I don’t think anyone else should either.

A lot of great stuff from Mick, check out the Full Interview at the Baltimore Sun

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