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There were quite a few “USA chants” during Koslov’s dark match. The fans popped loud and went nuts when Orton RKO’s Ted. Orton definitely is a babyface. Lots of Kofi chants. Fans popped huge for Edge’s spearing Jericho and telling him he will challenge him.

It was interesting seeing workers laying down a matt prior to the Undertaker/HBK segment. It looked like they laid off a lot of the pyro when Taker showed up.

I enjoyed the Miz/Show promo in between segments where Miz ran down the Colts. Miz got a TON of heat.

Post Show Dark: HHH comes out in street clothes and says he didn’t have medical clearance, but it was time for HHH and challenged Batista. Well, Jericho comes out in tights and said how he was happy to have Batista as his partner and said he would beat up Hunter. Edge, in street clothes, comes out and cuts a funny promo calling both Jericho and Batista dumb and dumber. Edge then cuts this promo about how since he and HHH were in street clothes, he would steal a DX line and announce that we fans can buy both their shirts on wweshop.com. Funny stuff. This is just my opinion, but I think HHH had some sort of legit injury because he was in the match sparingly. He just clotheslined Jericho and Batista and did his high knee and the Pedigree. Edge did just about all of the work. Edge took all the bumps, and played the babyface in peril when Jericho had him in some sort of hold. Edge did the downward spiral on Batista at one point in the match. Anyway, the end comes when HHH tags in and Batista abandon’s Jericho. Jericho turns around and gets pedigreed. Edge wanted in, so HHH tagged him in and Edge spears Jericho for the win.

After the match, Edge and HHH shake hands, and celebrate with their poses on the ring ropes. Edge’s music played first, then HHH’s. Edge goes up the ramp and slaps hand with the fans, and HHH went around the ring and shook hands and hugged a couple of fans.

Great stuff and a great show.

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