Desperate Housewives – Episode 6-15 Review

Why hello there desperate viewers. It’s been a while so let’s dig in, in the 15th episode of season six.

Spoiler-free zone:

This is a very cute episode that fully integrates the new character on the show (played by Julie Benz) with the rest of the cast. The mystery does not progress but we get to see an episode where the housewives interact with a personality that has never been seen in their community. Oh yeah, there is also some girl on girl…

Spoiler zone:

This episode focuses around the new stripper added to the cast, called Robin. After Susan offered her to stay in her house, the rest of the housewives get a little unsettled and find themselves in an awkward situation.

For Lynette it seems that the stripper is influencing her son. It looks like Parker is desperate to lose his virginity, and thinks the friendly stripper next door is the way to go. Lynnette confronts Robin and tells her to be more discreet, after seeing her son spying at her (while she was naked) from his window. Then, Robin tells her that Parker offered her money to sleep with him, which resulted to two confused Scavo parents. When they confront him, Tom shakes him a little and then everything is back to normal. Lynette then apologises to Robin for overreacting a bit with the situation and thus Robin and Lynette are now fine with each other.

In Bree’s story, we still see her struggling with Orson’s condition. When Robin asks her for some advice with a desert (and by advice I mean the entire recipe) Robin starts asking Bree about her sex life. Bree was at first pretty shocked about Robin’s question, but in the end, Robin motivated her into putting some effort. Poor Bree later tried to act sexy to Orson and miserably failed. However, Bree’s efforts pushed both Orson and Bree to try harder to make their relationship work again. It seems they are starting to warm up to each other now.

In Gaby’s storyline, Gaby uses Robin to convince Ana to fly for a New York modelling job. Gaby of course, is only doing that so she can have her stay away from Danny, since the Solis’ had found out that there is something fishy happening with the Bolens. When Robin finds out about Gaby’s intentions, she immediately tells Danny about the situation. The last we see of Danny, is him getting in a cab while holding a suitcase. He is obviously going to New York and I am interested to see if they are going to be chased down by Gaby and Carlos.

In Susan’s storyline, we see how Susan is coping with having Robin staying at her house. She, however, (after seeing Robin cracking Mike’s back) realises how uncomfortable things can get when you an ex-stripper living at your house.  When Susan cracks Mike’s back, Mike ends up in a hospital (I’m not so surprised). She later confronts Robin of how awkward things are getting and Robin decides to move out from Susan’s house (so the situation wouldn’t escalate). This leads at Robin staying over at Katherine’s house.

Now Katherine, being the lonely person that she is, offers Robin a place to stay. In a girls night out, Robin kisses Katherine to show her off at some guys. When they return home, Katherine realises that Robin is apparently playing for the other team. Mary Alice in the very end implies that Katherine might also need to explore new options in relationships (wink, wink!).

To sum up, the episode provided lots of nice comedic moments. It was one of those episodes that pause the plot and just try and talk about certain light themes of everyday life (whether that’s a concerned son or a troubled marriage).  Looking forward for next Sunday…

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