One Year in Knoxville – February 22, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him once again was Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d see Hector Guerrero, Brian Lee, Killer Kyle, and the main event saw the Fantastics facing Jimmy Golden and Ivan Koloff. Mantell gave his two cents about Brian Lee and we headed to the ring.

Hector Guerrero was already in the ring to face Tommy Angel. Hector rolled around the ring before locking up. Hector got a headlock before Angel worked his way free. Hector grabbed an arm wring that he turned into a hammerlock before snapmaring Angel down. Another lockup saw Angel get a headlock before he went behind to work on Hector’s arm. Angel hit a snap mare and kept an armbar that Hector used a head scissor to escape.

The two went into a test of strength that Angel won. Hector walked up the ropes and flipped Angel across the ring. Another lockup saw Angel send Hector across the ring. Hector put Angel down with a shoulder block and then Angel returned the favor with a hiptoss. Angel went for another and threw Angel before hitting two head scissors takedowns.

Hector and Angel shook hands and locked up again. Angel backed Hector into a corner and Hector took Angel down again. Hector tried again and Angel caught him only for Hector to reverse it.

Another handshake and Angel flattened Hector twice. Angel slammed Hector and covered for a two. Angel got a headlock and put Hector down with a shoulder block that also sent him to the outside. Angel saw Hector trying to dive and slipped around the ring only for Hector to follow and come over the ropes to put Angel down.

Angel returned to the ring and tried to suplex Hector in only for Hector to roll him up for the win with a move Dutch called the “Jalapeno Pepper Roll“.

We came back to see Ivan Koloff and Jimmy Golden with Bob Caudle. Ivan said that Vladimir would make his return shortly but today he and Golden would destroy the Fantastics. Golden said that he hadn’t seen anything fantastic from their opponents yet and there was no way that he and Ivan could lose today.

We came back to hear Bob and Dutch talking about last week’s main event. Caudle rolled the footage against Dutch’s wishes. We came back in time to see Ron Wright hand a set of knucks to Mantell. Lee got the knucks away and blasted Mantell with them. Lee got a two count and the ref saw the knucks so he stopped counting and awarded the match to Mantell by DQ.

Caudle then introduced a video interview of Lee demanding a rematch. Lee said that he’d put Mantell in a wheelchair beside Ron Wright and told Mantell that he wanted a rematch. Lee also promised that both Mantell and Wright would go down.

Mantell had a word when we returned to the arena. Dutch claimed that he wasn’t afraid of Lee but he did have a fear of getting hurt. Dutch introduced a new wrestler named Carl Styles, Mantell said that Styles had begged him for help with getting into wrestling and Styles would be by his side. Mantell then told Lee that to get to him Lee would have to defeat Styles first.

We went to an interview with Brian Lee, Robert Gibson, and Tim Horner. Horner said that the word was out about Smoky Mountain and people were wanting to see the show. Gibson echoed his pleasure at being there and he was set to take care of business. Lee then said that Smoky Mountain was competition at its finest. Caudle reminded the fans that nothing was like seeing SMW live as we headed to commercial.

We returned to the studio to see Styles standing behind Mantell. Caudle sent us to an interview with Ron Wright.

Wright expressed his dismay that Brian Lee had tried to maim Mantell the week before. Wright said that it was all because of wrestlers like Lee attacking him that he was in the wheelchair. He added that Medicare wouldn’t pay for his surgery and, even worse, flu season was on the way/

We headed to the studio where Ricky Nelson was waiting in the ring. His opponent, Killer Kyle, slowly made his way down the aisle.

Kyle placed his violin case outside the ring and pulled off his jacket and tie. Nelson kept dodging Kyle’s attempts at a lockup. Finally they did and Kyle backed him into the ropes where he began slugging away as Ron Wright made his way to ringside.

Nelson hit a flying press for two and then locked in a headlock. Kyle tried to roll Nelson and only got two counts. Kyle backed Nelson into the corner and drove his shoulder into Nelson’s midsection. Kyle charged and Nelson dodged, then flew over Kyle and pulled him down before going back to the headlock.

Kyle muscled Nelson up and back dropped him for a two count. Kyle suplexed Nelson down and covered for another two. Kyle choked Nelson for a moment and pulled Nelson to his feet. Kyle telegraphed a backdrop and Nelson hit an axe handle.

Nelso9n dropkicked Kyle down and then hit a back elbow. Nelson threw a few punches and Kyle went to the corner for his violin case. Kyle pulled the case over the top turnbuckle and slammed Nelson’s head into it before covering for the win (with a handful of tights).

After a commercial we went to Caudle in the ring with Tim Horner and a local man named Don Cunningham. Cunningham, who was representing a local civic organization called Hawk, presented Horner with a plaque of appreciation. Horner thanked them for the recognition and said that he hoped to continue his work with juveniles.

We returned to commentary to hear Caudle introduce an interview with Hollywood Bob Holly. Holly said that people had asked him why he was in a “hillbilly town like this” and he’d replied that he was there to show people what a real movie star could do. Holly then talked about a meeting he’d had with Jack Nicholson where Nicholson had asked why he wrestled instead of making movies. Holly said that he knew he could do anything and he enjoyed beating people up for a living. He also promised to become the Smoky Mountain champion.

We then went to the ring where Brad Anderson was waiting. Brian Lee’s music started playing and Lee made his way down (much to the consternation of Mantell). The two locked up as Dutch said that Lee had to potential to be the next big serial killer. Anderson hit a knee and staggered Lee. Lee dodged a clothesline and slammed Anderson before hip tossing him. As Dutch expressed his concern for his life, Lee hit an atomic drop.

Lee hit another one and kicked Anderson down. Lee flattened Anderson with a kick and went to a headlock. Meanwhile, Mantell sent Styles to ringside so he could identify Lee in a police lineup.

Lee released Anderson and Anderson attacked him from behind before slamming Lee into the turnbuckle. Anderson snapmared Lee down and dropped a couple of elbows. Anderson hit a neck breaker and covered for a two count. Anderson hit another snap mare and went back to the headlock. Lee fought his way back to his feet and Anderson managed to take him down as Dutch excused himself.

Lee fought his way back up and hit some elbow shots to get the break. Lee whipped Anderson and hit a big boot before hitting the Cancellation for the win.

Lee watched as Styles entered the ring. Styles and Lee shoved each other as Dutch returned to commentary and the two started throwing punches. Lee got the better of the exchange and hit a clothesline on Anderson as Mantell headed to ringside. Styles fought back and staggered Lee. Styles hit a clothesline as Dutch directed traffic. Styles slammed Lee and Lee dodged an elbow drop. Mantell held Lee while Styles attacked him. Finally Lee dodged and Styles clotheslined Mantell to the floor. Lee got in a shot on Styles and the two decided to exercise the better part of valor. Lee watched as the two headed to the back.

After a break, it was time for the main event as Golden and Koloff shook hands in the ring. The crowd went wild as the Fantastics made their way to the ring (and Dutch reminded us that Lee was a maniac).

Bobby and Ivan tied up with Bobby taking Ivan down before Ivan scissored his legs around Bobby’s neck. The sequence repeated and the two locked up in a test of strength. Ivan backed Bobby down and Bobby went after Ivan’s leg. Bobby shoulder blocked Ivan down and then hip tossed him before locked in an armbar. Ivan escaped and tied up Bobby’s legs. Bobby got free and tagged in Jackie.

Jackie came off the top rope onto Ivan’s arm and then locked in an armbar. Ivan backed Jackie into the corner and started chopping before Jackie reversed and chopped away. Jackie hit a top rope press for a two.

Ivan locked in a headlock and shoulder blocked Jackie down. Jackie took Ivan down and went after the arm again.

Golden tagged in and locked up with Jackie. Jackie got a hammerlock and Golden fought free before slamming Jackie down. Golden locked in a camel clutch and Jackie fought his way back up only for Golden to put him back down with a hair pull

Jackie whipped Golden into the corner, hip tossed him down, and started working his arm. Golden tied up Jackie’s legs and tagged Ivan back in. Jackie dodged an elbow drop and nailed Ivan with a back elbow.

Bobby tagged in and the two hit stereo back elbows. Bobby slugged away on Ivan and sent him outside the ring. Bobby sent Ivan into the ring post and Golden went to the floor to check on his partner. Golden came in illegally and went after Jackie, then attacked Bobby while the ref was distracted.

A bloody Ivan tagged Golden in and he clubbed away on Bobby. Golden choked Bobby down and then sent him into the turnbuckle. Golden whipped Bobby and started kicking him in the back. Bo9bby left the ring to recover and Ivan sent him into the post.

Bobby slugged away and Golden sent Bobby into the corner. Golden dropped a knee and covered for a two. Golden stomped him and locked in a bear hug.

Ivan tagged in and slugged Bobby, then hit a kick and wound up getting sent into the corner. Golden and Jackie both tagged in and Jackie was a house of fire. Jackie slammed both men and then dropkicked them both. Jackie climbed the ropes and hit a top rope cross body for a two before Ivan broke it up. All four men brawled in the ring and Jackie got a sleeper on Golden. That brought Vladimir out of the back to blast Jackie with a boot. Golden fell on top of Jackie and they got the pin.

They then repaired the video promoting the company’s house shows featuring Ron Wright, Hollywood Bob Holly, and Jim Cornett from the week before.

We returned to the studio to see Vladimir, Golden, and Ivan celebrating their win. Bobby Fulton came over the to booth and attacked all three of his opponents before taking Ivan back to the ring. Bo9bby slugged Ivan and then Golden and Vladimir came in to take firm control of the situation despite Jackie’s help.

That brought Tim Horner out to even the odds. With Horner’s help, the Koliffs and Golden bailed out of the ring and the battle resumed on the floor. Horner brought Koloff into the ring and hit a back elbow before punching away. Bobby hit a backdrop on Ivan and Jackie dropkicked him out of the ring.

Horner went after Golden and the fight resumed. Finally Ivan slammed Bobby into a chair and Jackie hit a chair shot on Ivan as Vladimir and Golden ran for the back. Golden came back out to check on Ivan and Tim Horner attacked him. Vladimir came back out and Horner slammed him as Jackie grabbed a broom to hit Vladimir and we faded to black to close out the show.

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