Brothers & Sisters – Episode 4-16 Review

After Justin and Rebecca’s tragedy last week, Brothers & Sisters brought back the comedy in “Leap of Faith.” Several laugh-out-loud moments and a mad dash through a court house lighten up the episode, though new twists don’t fail to leave viewers hanging. 

In continuation of the Dennis York plot line, Nora and Saul have several talks in secret about his return. To be honest, this makes me worried since Nora seems terrified. This was a good move, because it definitely gives Dennis more credit as a villain, while before he was just another person after the Walkers. While Holly is eager to bring Dennis down, Nora is mysteriously tight-lipped and anxious about the past, which is making me wonder about what really went down. After all, if William was able to get the better of Dennis, why is she so afraid? It’s a pretty safe bet that she knows more than she’s saying, which might eventually break her and Holly’s temporary partnership.

Along with the threat that Dennis may strike again, viewers are also reminded that the siblings still have no idea about him yet. Sarah is suspicious when she catches Nora and Saul talking, but fortunately for them she is easily distracted by her own problems with Luc. However, though Nora asks Holly not to tell, there’s no question that it’s only a matter of time before the bomb is dropped. And this will probably happen during a Walker family dinner.

And as expected, Justin and Rebecca have issues after the miscarriage. While Justin is eager to talk about what happened, Rebecca has been constantly brushing him off and spending too much time out of the house. When Justin finds out she wasn’t where she said she’d be, he’s understandably upset that she was lying to him and demands an explanation. However, I’m annoyed when Rebecca reacts like he’s giving her the third degree. I mean, you lie to your husband, then get irritated when he wants to know where you’ve been? Really? It’s forgivable though since she just lost a baby, and the drama is thankfully resolved by the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Kitty find out that breaking up is, in fact, hard to do. Like many other TV characters, Kitty discovers that working with friends is not a good idea, especially when that friend is a little too controlling. Though verging on irritating, Buffy manages to stay likeable through the humor she brings to the show, and her redemption of her behavior by apologizing with an expensive bottle of wine. Her refusal to believe she is fired is both incredible and funny. While Kitty lets off some steam at her promotional appearance at a shooting range, Kevin feels trapped in his suffocating bromance with Robert, who has been extra clingy lately. Both men have their irritatingly petty moments, pointed out by Buffy’s hilarious line: “You guys love each other, don’t you get it?”

Kevin and Robert’s problems aren’t helped by the senator’s refusal to let Kevin in on a huge upcoming project. Meant to be one of the episode’s big twists, Robert remains cryptic throughout, even when he apologizes for being so cold about the resignation by throwing Kevin a farewell party.

Though happy about her renewed romance, Sarah can’t stop worrying about Luc’s Visa. And she should be worried. As Luc reveals during his ‘welcome home’ dinner that he’s only legally allowed to stay for another four weeks, when Sarah thought they would have a few months (huh, causing drama at a family dinner – he’s practically a Walker already). Fortunately, his boss, who has a boyfriend of her own, has been offering to marry him to keep him in the country. Because nothing is ever simple in this show, Sarah can’t accept that this is just a business transaction…which causes her, Nora and Kitty to make the aforementioned mad dash into the court house to stop the wedding.

This leads to several of the episode’s funniest moments. An obvious one is when Kitty is held by security because her shooting range award, which featured the shape of a gun. However, the one that got me was when Sarah and Nora were in holding, with a security guard sitting nearby. After a touching conversation in which Nora assures Sarah that she’s meant to marry Luc, I’m expecting the guard to break down and help them get to the wedding. Instead, Nora snaps at him, “Doesn’t this move you in any way?” And he replies that he watches Oprah. Thank you, writers, for reminding me why I love Brothers & Sisters so much.

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