Greatest Survivor Player Of All-Time: Contenders – Yau-Man Chan

Yau-Man Chan
Survivor Fiji, Survivor Fans Vs. Favorites

Nobody gave Yau-Man any credit when Survivor Fiji first started. I definitely thought that he would just be another older player like all of the rest of the elder statesmen before him. The ones who were voted off quickly and unmercifully and I felt like he was just taking the spot away from somebody else. Boy, I was wrong. Yau Man dominated the game even from just opening the box with the supplies which nobody else seemed to be able to do. He not only found a hidden immunity idol, he had the wherewithal to fashion a fake one in case anyone else ever found it. We all know about the infamous car-for-immunity deal he made with Dreamz only to be left out in the cold but if it wasn’t for that, it’s clear the victory was his.

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