Jersey Shore News: Cast Brings House Down Literally As Glass Roof Falls On Snooki & Vinny

While celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim at Solo in Manhattan on Saturday, Jersey Shore cast members Snooki and Vinny emerged unscathed after the club’s overhead atrium came crashing down.

“Its okay Vin and I are still alive. Omg roof just collapsed at the purim event!,” Snooki tweeted throughout the commotion. “We thought the dj was beatin the beat hardcore but nope,the roof couldn’t handle snooki and vin.”

Luckily, only a few clubgoers suffered minor injuries, while the majority fist pumped late into the night—Sex and the City’s Chris Noth included!

Snooki later tweeted:

“The roof may have fallen and no1 got hurt, but the party still goes on! I’m glad everyone’s ok. Thank you to the owners of Solo Restaurant for taking care of everybody and letting us keep the Purim Party poppin!”

Credit: E! Online

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