The Bachelor 2010 After The Final Rose Recap – Jake & Vienna Reunite, Tenley Returns, Ali Confirmed As New Bachelorette

After the finale, Jake and gang returned to answer some questions.

Tenley comes in and watches some clips of when she was on the show.

When she looks back, she sees that Vienna and Jake had “something playful”.

She thinks she deserves some answers and she’ll get them from Jake next.

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We are back with Tenley. Jake enters to an ovation. She wants the true reason it didn’t work out. Jake doesn’t know if he will be able to put it into words.

Tenley was so engrossed in him and what does Jake mean by the physical connection? He can’t say he didn’t feel anything – that would be lying – she made him feel.

What brought about the emotional breakdown on the boat?

Jake “I wanted that spark to be there for Tenley so bad”. He doesn’t even know exactly what it is. It’s just unexplainable.

Tenley “do you think it was a little unfair to Vienna” being so attached to her?

Jake just says it’s the magical spark that he didn’t have with Tenley. Jake said he had her up on a pedistal and he will be protective of her. Jake says she has a life friend. She says “good”. They hug. Awwww from the crowd. Very awkward.

Tenley wants to be good friends with Jake if “his significant other is ok with that”.

When we return, Jake will talk about what’s happened since he asked Vienna to marry him.

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Chris Harrison starts by asking Jake about Tenley. He says nice things but says he’s never had the heat he has with Vienna.

Jake wanted to “date out of his comfort zone”. Then they talk about how Jake has cried and gotten in touch with his emotions.

Harrison says it’s controversial that Jake chose Vienna. Jake says that he knows Vienna’s heart and values and passions. She is THE best girl for him. Everyone will have to trust him and that he let his heart lead.

Jake says he has to listen to his heart. When he saw Vienna come out of the limo, he didn’t know she was the one, but he felt something.

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Vienna comes out and for the first time in public, it’s Jake&Vienna. She has a dark pink dress on. They hug and then sit together on the sofa.

They talk about keeping it a secret since the finale was taped.

Vienna talks about the tabloids and even the fans talking about her. She doesn’t think America is getting the right image of her. Jake says they are “painting a picture of her that she has no values and is a miserable person and none of that is true”.

She jokes about them being broken up and her secret boyfriend who is SO secret even she doesn’t know about it.

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When we’re back, Chris asks what’s next.

Vienna is moving to Dallas “immediately” after the three month gap. They haven’t set a date for the wedding yet.

The couple is being sent back to St Lucia to Jade Mountain for a vacation. Congratulations!

Wait – there’s more!

To sing the theme song of this season – ladies and gentleman – it’s him JEFFREY OSBOURNE!!

He sings the Wings of Love song. We all have a good laugh.

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Introducing… ALI as the new Bachelorette. She comes out in a black dress.

Ali is “so excited, so thrilled and honored and grateful” to be the new Bachelorette.

She’s not going to let fear dictate her life anymore. This is her chance to find love.

What is Ali looking for? She wants 50 guys, not 25. Yowza. Chris calls her greedy. She wants a “funny, smart, kinda quirky guy” but she doesnt need a particular type, she is looking for a feeling.

The Bachelorette returns in May. Next week is the wedding of Jason and Molly. Thanks for joining us tonight!