The Bachelor 2010 Finale Live Blog w/Results, Spoilers, Analysis

The Bachelor finale has begun!

Tonight on the Bachelor – video package recapping the two finalists. Vienna – “This is the fairytale I thought I’d never have” Tenley – “I can see myself in a relationship with Jake”.

Jake “What happens today changes my life forever”. He claims he wont propose unless he’s 100% sure. The video ends with Jake saying “this is the hardest decision I’ll ever have to make”.

We’re in St Lucia. Jake walks on the beach and talks about both women. He feels like he has a connection with both. Vienna makes him feel like he’s the only guy in the room. awwww. He can picture her as his wife. He is torn as he in love with both women.

Jake has a pink shirt on! He looks hot. He walks into a room of people and hugs them – it’s his family! They have come out here to “help him fall in love” and that means everything to him. It means a lot for the woman he will marry to get along with his family. I wonder if this will be the deciding factor???

Jake levels with his family – he’s in love with both girls and needs help deciding. He’s fallen in love with them for different reasons. His dad asks him if they make him laugh – they both do.

Jake describes Tenley as having a lot of “life experience” at 25, which seems like a loaded statement. He describes Vienna as really smart and drop dead gorgeous – she came to meet him not make friends and made a lot of enemies. His mom asks if thats the girl that everyone hated. Jake confirms that. His mom says maybe there’s something to that. OMINOUS MUSIC.

In a solo shot Jake knows they will like Tenley but is concerned about Vienna.

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And we are back, and Tenley arrives first in a STUNNING red dress and holding flowers. Tenley is excited but nervous to meet Jake’s parents. Big moment for her, although Jake definitely set her up better than he did Vienna. First she meets Jake’s brother Jason, then Laura, then goes around the room hugging the unnamed family members. She will just be her.

The family asks how she knows she’s falling in love with Jake. She says his character and his values. Jake points out that his dad cried at one point during Tenley’s speech. She seemed to be well liked by the dad at first glance.

Tenley sits down alone with Jake’s mom. She doesnt want to be rude, but wants to ask Tenley some questions. First she asks Tenley how she deals with her sister. Tenley talks about how her last husband left and she values marriage, but uses it as an example of how she reacts in conflict, and she never gives up. Mom cries.

Mom solo says she’d be honored to have Tenley in the family.

Tenley and Jake’s Dad now have some time to chat. Dad says she’s been earning points with the family and she’s a beautiful girl.

Meanwhile Jake and the rest of his family are chatting – Jake’s ready to ask one of them to marry him.

Back to Tenley and the dad – she is breaking down about family and being part of this family. Dad is touched. They hug. “I think Tenley would be a great fit in this family” Dad boldly predicts Tenley would be his daughter in law. This is gonna be tough for Vienna to beat.

Jake and his mom talk about his zany side and if he has shown that to Tenley. Later we see the jump into the pool with their clothes on and make out and laugh. “That’s what life is about – seizing little moments”. The rest of the family jumps in too!

Mom calls Tenley the perfect woman for Jake. She finds it hard to imagine Jake would be conflicted after meeting Tenley.

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We are back with Vienna and Jake, and Vienna meets the family. They ask her about her travels. The parents look at each other. Jake’s sister in law chimes in and feels Vienna wasn’t acting “with class”.

Later at lunch, they ask her about not getting along with the other girls. She chuckles and Jake does, and doesn’t totally answer. Another sister in law thinks Vienna is confrontational.

Mom thought Tenley was wonderful, and doesn’t think Vienna is connecting with the family at all.

Back at lunch, they ask Vienna what she likes about Jake, she jokes “nothing” which gets silence from the fam. Ouch. She then says “his sweetness”. Another bad reaction from the fam. Voiceover from Mom – she has her guard up about Vienna.

Mom and Jake chat alone. She is worried about Vienna getting along with the family and with Jake. He stammers a bit in response and tells his mom to ask Vienna about it. They talk more about Vienna and Jake is a bit defensive.

Jake concludes “it’s just not happening between my mom and Vienna”.

So far it’s looking like the family is siding with Tenley.

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We’re back and Jake doesn’t think his family is giving Vienna a chance, but if the family isn’t on board, he can’t marry her.

Jake and his brother talk. The family needs to get to know Vienna. Elsewhere the sisters in law talk to Vienna about the differences between her and Tenley. She bashes Tenley while adding “she’s sweet”. They finally ask how they know Jake is the one – over every other guy in the world. She could see herself with Jake for 80 years and having his babies. She couldn’t see her life without Jake now that she’s met him.

Vienna alone says she likes her potential sisters in law.

Moment of truth time – Mom and Vienna chat. Mom puts it all out on the table – she’s worried about Vienna not getting along with the family and causing division. They talk about her issues in the house.

At the same time, Jake talks to the sisters in law. At first they found her abrasive, but after talking to her, they saw that Vienna really cares about Jake. And brings out the best in him. They cry! Vienna won them over.

Mom asks Vienna about Jake being a pilot and not always there for her. Vienna says she can turn to her family, which the Mom liked. Vienna cries. Mom laughes and begins to cry a bit as Vienna compliments her for raising a fine boy. Mom tells Vienna she’s changed her mind. Wow!

Jake and Vienna rejoin the full family for the next scene. Seems like everyone is cooler with Vienna now after a really cold first impression. Vienna jokes about how they werent overly welcoming at first. Everyone chuckles. Jake is proud of Vienna for getting through it.

Jake escorts Vienna to the van and waves goodbye to her.

Commercial Break

Jake and Vienna are taking a walk along a smoking stream. She’s not feelin it. They get into bathing suits and have a mud fight in the spring. They paint each other with the mud and then make out. She spells out I love You with her finger on the mud on his chest. Hot! They make out more.

Next they wash off in a waterfall area and have a champagne toast. Tenley’s dark roots are super visible in the water.

Jake talks about his physical attraction to Vienna and hoping that doesn’t cloud his judgment about what would be good in a wife.

Vienna calls Jake her soulmate and is totally in love with him.

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Vienna has a special ring for Jake tonight, it’s a promise ring from her dad that she promises to “do it right” this time. She’s ready and she’s in love. She’s ready to make a leap of faith with Jake.

They talk on the couch. She knows they have passion and chemistry, but she wants to make sure they have more than that. Jake responds that he’s here to meet his best friend. He asks her what it was like to be married for three years – they were just friends and dumb kids, but she broke her dad’s heart. That killed her inside. She wants to make her dad proud.

They move from outside to a bed with a canopy. Hmmmm. She takes out her ring and gives it to him. A small note is rolled up and the ring is around it. He calls the letter “sweet” and kisses her. They lay down on the bed. Vienna moans. Kissing.

Vienna “every time i kiss Jake i feel like I fall in love with him all over again”.

Jake says its their last date, which makes her upset, but he clarifies that it’s the last date in this journey.

They leave the bedroom and go back outside.

Vienna talks about Tenley and how she would be crushed to lose and would leave still in love with Jake.

Outside Jake brings her to the van.

Commercial Break

Jake is on a dock and Tenley runs into the scene and they hug.

Tenley solo talks about being excited to see Jake and kiss and hug him all day long. Awwwww.

They are having a snorkel date. Tenley is giggly and excited. She talks solo about today being the day that sets up the rest of her life.

Romantic scenes of them snorkling. Tenley calls this moment with Jake “perfect”.

They relax on a boat. She asks if she’s too much to handle. No Answer! Is that a clue?

Solo, Jake talks about still not being decided.

Jake asks her if the emotional connection is so hot that the physical chemistry isn’t as hot. He says not sexual chemistry. She doesn’t like it. She says she feels it – she feels the heat. Jake feels like it’s building slowly. Tenley says “that’s the way it’s supposed to be”. She cries as she recaps it solo.

Jake talks about feeling bad about hurting her feelings because she’s so sweet.

Nice shot of the boat at sunset.

Commercial Break

Back for nighttime, and Tenley is not optimistic. “It’s tough to be in love with someone and not know how they feel about you”. So true.

Jake knocks at her door and says she looks beautiful.

They have wine, and she wants to talk more about the physical chemistry talk from the boat earlier. Jake says he’s had time to think about it, and he apologizes for making her feel the way he did on the boat. He loves her smile, her eyes, the way they kiss, and that she’s honest and positive. He likes that he can be honest – and that as weird as he was on the boat, she didn’t shut down. She worked on it. She smiles and seems happy with this explanation.

She thanks him for sharing, and kisses. She needed to hear the explanation and is happy he was honest.

Jake wonders maybe he’s trying to find something wrong with Tenley because it seems too perfect.

Tenley can see their future together. Her gift for him is a collage of pictures and shells in a basic frame. I think Vienna’s ring gift was WAY better. Seriously this looked like some kid’s diaroma project in 4th grade.

They make out on the bed in this room for a while. Tenley solo talks about how she feels like they have great physical chemistry. She’s clearly not over the boat talk even with his explanation.

Commercial Break

Jake wakes up and he’s not ready yet to make a decision. He knows for a fact now that you can be in love with more than one person. He recaps both women.

Tenley says Jake is the first man she’s kissed since her ex-husband. She thinks they would be an incredible team. She thinks Jake and her are meant to be.

Vienna draws a heart in the sand. She talks about their chemistry. She’s never been this happy or comfortable with someone.

Some guy Neal shows up at Jake’s door. Oh he’s a ring salesman. He shows Jake some rings from his case of rings. He asks Jake to tell him about the girl. Jake doesn’t answer. Neal asks if he’s even chosen yet. Jake says no. Neal is shocked! Neal offers Jake some advice – find out what the girl likes. One likes a round cut and one likes a princess cut. We see some rings. Neal offers more advice – maybe if you sat with both rings you could decide. It seems like all of Neal’s “advice” has to do with buying rings, so I’m not sure how much Jake should listen to him.

Jake has never been in a situation where he doesn’t have clarity in one direction or another. His heart is leading him to both women.

Later we see Jake torn. His voiceover says he has made a decision.

Tenley is shown and she is not ready to have her heart broken today.

Vienna is shown and she is in love but she is scared because she doesn’t know what’s about to happpen.

Jake says one woman has his heart “a little bit more” than the other one. He doesn’t know “how he’ll react to say goodbye to a woman he’s fallen in love with”. It’s killing him.

Both girls jump into a copter.

Jake hasn’t been successful at love and now all he has is hope. He knows, in his heart, that what’s he’s decided is right.

Commercial Break

Jake is waiting in a suit as both girls copter in.

Chris escorts Tenley to the site. She is wearing a golden gown.

Jake says he loves so many things about her. She’s just perfect. He doesn’t know what it is, just something doesn’t feel right. He doesn’t know why. Jake cries. Tenley cries. She doesn’t know what to say. She appreciates his honesty as much as it hurts. Tenley cries. She thanks him for making her feel special. Jake is silent. They hug.

He walks her back. She cries and isn’t ready to say goodbye yet. Jakes says he’s never gonna forget her and he cries. They hug.

Jake “there is some part of me that is not coming naturally.” She doesn’t want to be the person to hold him back “I’ve been held back before”.

She walks away crying, and Chris escorts her away.

Jake recaps that he didn’t feel like himself around her.

In the drive back, Tenley cries and talks about her broken heart in the backseat of the car. “Jake will see the mistake he made”.

Commercial Break

Jake waits for Vienna to arrive. He has a ring in his hand. He knows what’s in his heart is right.

Vienna arrives in a green gown.

She arrives. She says she’s completely in love with Jake. She can’t see him not being in her life. Jake says he thinks she’s an amazing woman. But there’s something she needs to have. It’s her promise ring!! OMG!!!

He knows its much more than a symbol of pain – she needs to have it, he thinks it’s important. There’s something else though. Jake “Vienna, I love you”. They kiss. She cries and says “Oh My God”. He gets down on one knee!! She says she loves him so much.

“Vienna – will you marry me?”


He puts on the ring. She smiles. He kisses her hand and gets up. They hug and kiss.

Musical recap of the season that Jake and Vienna shared.

There’s one final thing – Jake offers her this final rose. She smiles and they kiss.



After the Final Rose
Tenley comes in and watches some clips of when she was on the show.

When she looks back, she sees that Vienna and Jake had “something playful”.

She thinks she deserves some answers and she’ll get them from Jake next.

Commercial Break

We are back with Tenley. Jake enters to an ovation. She wants the true reason it didn’t work out. Jake doesn’t know if he will be able to put it into words.

Tenley was so engrossed in him and what does Jake mean by the physical connection? He can’t say he didn’t feel anything – that would be lying – she made him feel.

What brought about the emotional breakdown on the boat?

Jake “I wanted that spark to be there for Tenley so bad”. He doesn’t even know exactly what it is. It’s just unexplainable.

Tenley “do you think it was a little unfair to Vienna” being so attached to her?

Jake just says it’s the magical spark that he didn’t have with Tenley. Jake said he had her up on a pedistal and he will be protective of her. Jake says she has a life friend. She says “good”. They hug. Awwww from the crowd. Very awkward.

Tenley wants to be good friends with Jake if “his significant other is ok with that”.

When we return, Jake will talk about what’s happened since he asked Vienna to marry him.

Commercial Break

Chris Harrison starts by asking Jake about Tenley. He says nice things but says he’s never had the heat he has with Vienna.

Jake wanted to “date out of his comfort zone”. Then they talk about how Jake has cried and gotten in touch with his emotions.

Harrison says it’s controversial that Jake chose Vienna. Jake says that he knows Vienna’s heart and values and passions. She is THE best girl for him. Everyone will have to trust him and that he let his heart lead.

Jake says he has to listen to his heart. When he saw Vienna come out of the limo, he didn’t know she was the one, but he felt something.

Commercial Break

Vienna comes out and for the first time in public, it’s Jake&Vienna. She has a dark pink dress on. They hug and then sit together on the sofa.

They talk about keeping it a secret since the finale was taped.

Vienna talks about the tabloids and even the fans talking about her. She doesn’t think America is getting the right image of her. Jake says they are “painting a picture of her that she has no values and is a miserable person and none of that is true”.

She jokes about them being broken up and her secret boyfriend who is SO secret even she doesn’t know about it.

Commercial Break

When we’re back, Chris asks what’s next.

Vienna is moving to Dallas “immediately” after the three month gap. They haven’t set a date for the wedding yet.

The couple is being sent back to St Lucia to Jade Mountain for a vacation. Congratulations!

Wait – there’s more!

To sing the theme song of this season – ladies and gentleman – it’s him JEFFREY OSBOURNE!!

He sings the Wings of Love song. We all have a good laugh.

Commercial Break

Introducing… ALI as the new Bachelorette. She comes out in a black dress.

Ali is “so excited, so thrilled and honored and grateful” to be the new Bachelorette.

She’s not going to let fear dictate her life anymore. This is her chance to find love.

What is Ali looking for? She wants 50 guys, not 25. Yowza. Chris calls her greedy. She wants a “funny, smart, kinda quirky guy” but she doesnt need a particular type, she is looking for a feeling.

The Bachelorette returns in May. Next week is the wedding of Jason and Molly. Thanks for joining us tonight!

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