The Bachelor 2010 Spoilers: Vienna Girardi Says She 'Deserves' To Win

In an interview that was just conducted with Bachelor finalist, Vienna Girardi, America’s most hated villain says that there are many reasons why she deserves to win Jake’s heart tonight.

“I told Jake in the first minute we had together,” Vienna said, “‘I’m not looking to leave this house with a rose. I want a ring.'”

She also said that she visualized winning from the beginning.

“Jake and I hit it off from the very beginning,” Vienna told us as she was shooting the current season. “I offer a lot to him. I’m a great girl. I’m beautiful. I’m smart. But I also want the same life that he wants. I want to be a stay-at-home mom, I want work for a couple years, but I want to raise my kids and be that 5 o’clock dinner on the table Southern girl. That’s the family I want.”

Credit: E! Online