10 Thoughts on Monday Night RAW for 03.01.2010 feat. John Cena, Batista, Triple H, HBK, Big Show, Miz, Randy Orton, et al

Welcome to 10 Thoughts on Monday Night RAW.  The Road to Wreslemania continues.

  1. The opening HBK/Undertaker “Career vs. Streak” video package was well put together.  Those two have so much history in the WWE and it’s nice to see a little slice of it.
  2. Triple H’s love fest to HBK was a great tribute.  Reminds me of all the things he would say about Ric Flair during his retirement run.  I also really liked how Trips mentioned that if they won the tag team belts they wouldn’t have to defend them for 30 days.  Man, when I was a kid all the heels used that excuse to duck a rematch right away.  Nice to hear a nod to history.
  3. Tommy Chong eating trippy Lucky Charms with a midget.  HA!
  4. The DiBiase/Orton match was very good.  I think they work well together.  The attempted double team at the end needed to be more successful, though.  I still like this rivalry but DiBiase/Rhodes need to look stronger.
  5. Jack Swagger has a chance to shine in the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania.  I keep waiting for his push and maybe this will be the start of it.  I don’t expect him to win but if he has a good showing he may be competing for the US or intercontinental titles in the near future.
  6. Batista’s explanation of why he’s been attacking Cena is lame.  “You’re the face of this company and I’m not… blah, blah, blah”.  I would have preferred “I don’t like your jokes so I’m going to beat you up”.  At least it would have been fresher.  The confrontation overall was pretty good though.
  7. Vince McMahon was in rare form tonight.  You can tell he just really enjoys being the heel.  He’s fun to watch.
  8. I don’t know what to expect from the McMahon/Hart match at Wrestlemania.  I can’t help but think it will be a huge letdown.  Hart can’t wrestle due to real injuries, he’s selling a broken leg injury and yet he can’t lose.  That doesn’t sound like a great match on paper.
  9. The DX/ShowMiz match was way too short.  And if you’re going to have the Undertaker cost him the match, put him in the arena not on the Titantron.  Seriously, a “professional” distracted by a picture?
  10. And just when I was wondering where Sheamus has been, he makes an appearance.  And just as I was wondering what Triple H would be doing at Wrestlemania, I get my answer.


Cheech and Chong were totally wasted tonight.  (Pun not originally intended, but once noticed was intentionally left in.)  They’re too funny to get this kind of treatment.