10 Thoughts on WWE NXT for 3-2-2010: Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan

For this week’s NXT show I’ve been moved to do the 10 Thoughts for NXT. The WWE put together a good show last week. Let’s see if they can do so again.

1. Winning this show depends on a vote by the veterans and the veterans can’t vote for their own NXT rookie. This was the clarification we needed on last week’s show since it would have validated some of the criticisms Striker had of Daniel Bryan when he interviewed him following the Miz slap.

2. I don’t know what it is about Darren Young, but I absolutely hate the character. His smile or the “happy go lucky” vibe that he has irritates me. It’s almost like he’s a black version of John Cena and I wouldn’t be shocked to see if his breakdown in crowd support was the same as Cena’s.

3. CM Punk’s lack of interest in Young or the NXT concept is great and a great finish to the Young-Otunga match with Punk tripping Otunga to help Young win. It will be interesting how they play out Punk’s lack of interest and how it determines who he votes for at the end. He could pull a Greg like on the first episode of Survivor and make the rookies choose a number between one and twenty and vote for whoever comes closest.

4. Michael Cole’s heelish commentary against Daniel Bryan and the Internet on NXT and not on RAW is pretty ridiculous. The only way I’d like this is if results in Bryan eventually coming out and making Cole tap out. Does anyone else notice how Cole nods when the opposing commentator makes a point that completely contradicts what he just said?

5. The R-Truth and Otunga fight backstage lacked a lot of intensity. By the end it seemed as if both guys were just hugging each other instead of having a legitimate fight. If R-Truth is being portrayed as a man of the streets he should’ve put Otunga in his place. Instead, he just looked like a weak veteran who fought his “rookie” to a draw.

6. Wade Barrett is a freak of nature. He has a good build and his match with Bryan utilized some good psychology, with Barrett focusing his attacks on Bryan’s ribs and getting the pin. I’m sure the Internet wrestling community will be crying that Bryan was buried with this loss, but the loss was attributed to his injury on commentary and I’m fine with that. It gives Bryan some sympathy as a face as well.

7. Another nice video package for the Undertaker-Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania. The Johnny Cash song was a nice touch for the Undertaker character and I always love the classic WM highlights.

8. I have no idea what Justin Gabriel was wearing in his interview with Matt Striker. He looks like a combination of Star Trek and a young choir boy. Did he lose a bet with someone in creative? It was nice to see a 450 splash back on WWE television, though.

9. Awesome bit by the end by Bryan to sell the ribs when Striker was closing out the show backstage.

10. Another solid show from the top down. The stories that began last week were continued and the ring action was effective. The WWE crew also did a better job with the camera angles for the matches.

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