Cain Velasquez News: “Ready” For Brock Lesnar, UFC Career, Boxing vs. MMA

In an interview with MMA Fighting, UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez talked about his UFC career and a future fight with Brock Lesnar.

on where he fits into the heavyweight rankings:
I’m not sure. I think I’m up there. We’ve got to see what happens with Frank Mir fighting Shane Carwin this month, but I think I’m right up there, and depending on what happens when they fight, I might be next in line for the heavyweight title.

on his readiness for Brock Lesnar:
Yes. I’m ready. I think I’ve been ready for a while. The way this sport works is you’ve just got to prove yourself when you get the chance. I want to fight the best so I can be the best.

on his gameplan in a fight with Brock:
I think I’d have to wear him out for the first two or three rounds, because he’s so big and strong. I’d need to be weary of him at the beginning.

on Mir vs. Carwin:
I think it’s an interesting fight, they’re very well matched. Mir has the better jiu jitsu game, both guys have power on their feet, both guys have good positional wrestling. It’s hard to say who will win but I think Mir always comes out with a great game plan and I think he really has that going for him. What Carwin can do is knock you out and that makes him dangerous, too.

on the popularity of mma vs boxing for hispanics:
Yes, I went down to Mexico and did some media and met with some people, and they’re really getting into it. Not everyone knows about the UFC yet, but the people who do are really excited about it. Just like when the UFC goes anywhere, once people see what we do they get hooked.

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