Desperate Housewives – Episode 6-16 Review

Hey there viewers, this is the review of the 16th episode of the sixth season of Desperate Housewives.

Spoiler-free zone:

In this episode the storylines for the second half of season 6 are starting to settle in. Some new storylines seem to emerge, whereas others begin to build up to the season finale. This season is going by extremely fast.

Spoiler zone:

The episode began by showing (through a sex dream) that Katherine’s feelings for Robin are starting to take over. It is nice to see that Katherine has loosen up, and her scenes with Robin where probably the most entertaining of the episode. When Katherine is told by her psychiatrist that having Robin around is a bad influence, Katherine tells Robin to move out of her house. However, as Robin is packing Katherine enters her room. In the end of the episode we see Katherine in bed with Robin. This storyline while it approached a serious matter, managed to stay simple entertaining and not at all over-dramatic.

In Bree’s story, we are introduced to a new character that is starting to influence her. The character is a young guy named, Sam, who convinced Bree to give him a job in her catering business. Like Bree, Sam does everything with class and even gets Bree to fire one of her employers. He then targets Andrew and tells Bree that mixing her family life with work is taking a toll on her business. It is an interesting storyline which I look forward seeing how it will evolve in the next episode.

Susan on the other hand, had a more light-hearted storyline this week. When she implies to Mrs. McCluskey’s boyfriend (Roy) that he should propose to Karen, Roy has no other choice but to do so. Later on he tells Susan about his fear of marriage and that once again she screwed up. However the story ends on a sad note, when Karen faces the possibility of cancer, which might be referencing Kathryn Joosten’s (who plays Mrs. McCluskey) recent experience with the disease. I am again very interested to see how that will play out in future episodes.

Gaby’s storyline was quite fun this week. When Celia gets chickenpox, Gabby had to stay with gay neighbours, Bob and Lee, to stay away from the disease. When Celia get’s better, Gaby decides to stay a little longer with Bob an Lee since their lifestyle reminded her of how her life was before she became a wife and mother. She partied and got drunk, but realised how fortunate she actually is when Bob tells her later on, that him and Lee are trying to adopt.

Lynette, this week, was dealing with her daughter Penny and the fact that she forgot her birthday because of her recent baby drama. Penny did a lousy attempt to run away from the house by using her mother’s credit card and thus Lynette found her in a hotel room. The storyline had a dose of reality in it, because Penny’s acting out derived from the fact that she wouldn’t be the baby anymore in the family.

Finally, the Bolen’s found out about Danny’s trip to New York (even though he told them he was going camping). It looks like the Bolen’s are heading to New York next week!

To sum up, this was a good, solid episode that included many secondary characters, which is always nice to see since the show has a huge ensemble cast.

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