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Vince Russo continues to make news on facebook, this time by helping me summarize all of the Eric Bischoff responses from Bischoff’s Facebook. Here are tons of Bischoff comments:

February 26, 2010

I will be screening the March 8th IMPACT monday mania show at my house with 25 guests. Thank you again Eric, Hogan, and the lovely Dixie Carter for making this all happen!

Eric Bischoff: she is hot isn’t she?

Other than yours, what is your favourite wrestling book?

Eric Bischoff: Haven’t ready any!

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Would we be seeing the CCW champion Dennis Rodman show up to TNA?

Eric Bischoff: Nope. My liver couldn’t survive it.

How about Tiger Woods? wouldn’t that be something?

Eric Bischoff: My marriage wouldn’t survive!

Do u use Charmin Soft or Asda Smooth?

Eric Bischoff: old wrestling magazines.

If it was the other way around, and WCW killed the WWF, purchased it, and accrued its talent, like WWF did with WCW, what would you have actually done with the WWF if it was down to you to run the thing along with WCW?

Eric Bischoff: I would have tried to keep it as intact and autonomous as possible in order to maximize the inter-promotional feuds that could have developed.

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eric, if you’re still reading where is mike sanders and what was the reasoning for his push? also, is the idea of bringing the russo “character” back on tv out of the question?

Eric Bischoff: No idea where Sanders is. Russo on TV? Never say Never!

Any chance TNA is coming to Toronto, Canada??

Eric Bischoff: Hope so.

Eric, I couldn’t help but not to laugh seeing Jarret flipping burgers last week. That was gold man! LOL.

Eric Bischoff: It was fun!

What exactly are pre-tapes? Thanks

Eric Bischoff: Back stage segments that are taped earlier in the day and edited into the show later.

Hey Eric! Wrestling has had a history and connection with rock and roll at times… was wondering what you make of today’s acts, if you have a fav band, and who you’d choose to have team up with TNA for a PPV theme. A fellow Michiganiac myself, it’d be awesome for the Nuge to do a wrasslin’ theme or two. You could even use “Stranglehold!” – Josh

Eric Bischoff: Might be something there. Did a TV show with Ted on his ranch in Waco…cool guy. Let me check that out!

What is your routine at a TNA Taping? How do u prepare and set up the show?

Eric Bischoff: Week or two of writing with the team, arrive the day before production. Production meeting at noon, agents meeting at 1, a brief lunch and then pre-tapes until around 6 when the taping starts. Finish any pre-tapes that need to be finished and then head back to the hotel for some serious bonding, Get up around 8, and start all over again.

was meng really as crazy as his on screen character suggested?

Eric Bischoff: He had his moments. For the most part he was (and still is) one of the kindest and gentlest people you would ever want to meet. Unless you were a rude and disrespectful ass, in which case you would wish you were a world class track star.

Is this a joke? “Honky Tonk Man to sue TNA, BLTS”

Eric Bischoff: HTM is a joke.

You took a shot at the weekly celebrity guest hosts that WWE does (and rightly so). Do you think TNA can benefit from a well orchestrated publicity stunt? If so, what type?

Eric Bischoff: I did it to entertain myself. It was a long day of pre-tapes!

is it true you are from native american heritage?

Eric Bischoff: No…German and Scottish. Which would explain my taste for Pilsner and 18 year old single malt scotch!

The 2/25 edition of TNA Impact did a 1.14 cable rating, with 1,563,000 viewers.

Eric Bischoff: How did the Olympics do?

Feb 25th.

NBC: Winter Olympics (19.2 million viewers, 11.4/17 households)

NBC: Winter Olympics (25 million, 14.6/22)
NBC: Winter Olympics (23.3 million, 13.8/23
18-49 leader: Winter Olympics (6.6)

Eric Bischoff: Think there were many men 18-49 watching? Seriously, we have known from day one that the way to gain market share and grow ratings is just like I did it in 95. The wrestling audience gathers on Monday nights. Have for almost 2 decades. Giving them an option and getting them to sample our product will increase the ratings.

It seems you are enjoying interacting with (most) of us and I am really over the moon that you have given this opportunity. I was just wondering if any of the ideas etc that have been presented here or on the discussion board have piqued your interest or helped you with ideas in any way?

Eric Bischoff: Not really surfing for ideas, but always interesting to read what fans are thinking.

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Hi Eric, I have a question. Would TNA ever consider bringing in former WWE superstar “HEAD”. HEAD was the best wwe star of all time, (minus Al Snow). What if… HEAD bought stock in the company, and had equal power to Hulk Hogan? THE FANS LOVE HEAD!

Eric Bischoff: The Head is Dead! (But Al Snow is great!)

You took a shot at the weekly celebrity guest hosts that WWE does (and rightly so). Do you think TNA can benefit from a well orchestrated publicity stunt? If so, what type?

Eric Bischoff: I did it to entertain myself. It was a long day of pre-tapes!

if Vince was not a ass to u would u still be in the wwe right now, or u would of just left

Eric Bischoff: Vince wasn’t an “ass” to me. I enjoyed working at WWE and am grateful to this day for the opportunity. I really enjoyed my time there. It was just time to move on. EB

Now that you’re working w/ him, do you still think Jeremy Borash is the most obnoxious person in wrestling? lol

Eric Bischoff: Without a doubt!

More obnoxious than Honky Tonk?

Eric Bischoff: Jeremy is obnoxious…HTM is a douche bag. I will take obnoxious any day!

Eric, If you could sign 3 people from WWE’s roster, who would they be?

Eric Bischoff: Answered this on Bubba a few weeks ago: Randy Orton, John Cena and Chris Jericho

Who do you think is going to win the olympic gold men’s hockey game this sunday: Canada, USA, or “Don’t Care”

Eric Bischoff: Canada. As much as it pains me to say it.

Sorry,but we have Ryan Miller. We are gonna win.

Eric Bischoff: Hope you are right.

You seem to be totally busy with TNA let alone BHE. Will you even have time to watch the game on Sunday?

Eric Bischoff: I most likely won’t be able to watch. My partner Jason and I will be shooting a show we are doing for a cable network. Will catch it on TIVO later.

Eric thank you so much for answering my question the other day about you not having a myspace.And I had a question.I wanted to know if you knew of this wrestler from the 80’s.Ok here it is.My dad’s friend who he plays golf with sometimes in Milton,FL used to wrestle in different wrestling promotions under the name Wildcat Wendell cooley back in the 80’s?He wasn’t that big a name of the 80’s.But he has held different world title belts in the 80’s.And he did have some wrestling matches with Ric Flair.And other wrestlers until he accidently hurt his knee in the ring in the 80’s which forced him to retire.And I think if he wouldn’t of hurt his knee back in the 80’s.He would probably be a great addition to TNA today.And I wanted to know if you knew of him back in the 80’s?And thank you for everything you do.You rule.

Eric Bischoff: I don’t remember hearing of him, but back in the early-mid eighties I wasn’t familiar with much of what was going on in the south.

You’re from Detroit eh! I grew up across the River in Windsor, Canada. I loved your line about your book about Canadians living as close as they can to the border, so they can get the fuck out of Canada as much as they possibly can :P.

Eric Bischoff: I was right though wasn’t I? 🙂

Eric what have been your favorite foreign countries you have visited and if possible why?

Eric Bischoff: North Korea because it was such a surreal and unique experience along with a chance to get to know Muhammad Ali.

I love spending time in Japan because it is such a completely different culture and I really feel at home there for some strange reason.

Australia is great mostly because of the people…love it there.

Beyond that, I enjoy the history and architecture of Europe.

eric you should invade raw

Eric Bischoff: That might be a little hard to do at the moment…but it would be fun!

Hey Eric. There’s a lot of positive comments on here regarding Tony Schiavone. Have you considered looking into bringing him to TNA?

Eric Bischoff: Don’t see it…but never say never!

Eric when TNA comes to Hattiesburg in March will you be there?

Eric Bischoff: I may try. My schedule is very tight in March, but I would like to start going to some house shows soon!

Hey Eric – why can’t you play a face boss for once? At least like the role you played when you let AJ Styes get his revenge on Tomko but he had to risk his title to do so.

Eric Bischoff: Because I really am an evil prick and not a good enough actor to pull off a different character!

Hey Eric, Who is the funniest person and creative person backstage in TNA?

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Eric Bischoff: Jay Lethal HANDS DOWN the funniest person Ive ever been around!

I’m worried for TNA. 2 months and the ratings are back to square one. Why are they all leaving? Well the shows, even though better than the WWE are turning into crap. I was hoping the days of the fans, having better idea and more logical storylines were over.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t worry. We will be fine!

I hope so, I really do. The business needs more major wrestling promotions around, not for the fans but for the worker in it. I appreciate your reply Eric, even though my comment wasn’t the most flattering. There is good in TNA, but I see potential for so much more.

Eric Bischoff: Me too!!!

lets see if erric will respond. What caused you to partner up w/TNA? Money? competition?

Eric Bischoff: For the most part it was the chance to get involved on the creative side of the business. Don’t get me is ALWAYS a part of my business decisions, but in this case it really wasn’t the biggest one.

hey eric! been a fan since the old awa announcing days. who knew you would become the mad genius you are today. thank you for entertaining us for all these years and good luck in tna. one question, can we get a tv title unveiled in tna. i miss the days of arn anderson and others proudly carrying that belt. if i recall, a certain ecw star wore a tv title for a very long time as well…hmmm

Eric Bischoff: Thanks Kevin! IMO we need to make the belts we have more important before introducing new ones. EB

Eric, who would you say was the best wrestler in your mind in the WCW days?

Eric Bischoff: Too hard to say. There were so many great ones who were great in different ways. Sting, Flair, Hogan, certainly had the most long term impact, but early Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit and Eddie was a highlight for me as a fan. And then there was Avalanche. Ok…just having fun!

Eric, will we see you (or anyone else) start taking more shots at or challenging WWE again like the good old days? [sorta like the celebrity guest host jab you did last night] ?

Eric Bischoff: Only when the moment hits me!!!

how long do u think it well take TNA to hit up the rateings WWE get?

Eric Bischoff: Not sure. Its going to take a lot of had work and a major commitment in many different levels. Time will tell.

Hey Eric, big fan. I have few questions or you. What is itt like working in TNA with some of the people you worked in WCW? And how do you like working with guys like AJ Styles, Abyss and other guys you never worked with before?

Eric Bischoff: Having a blast working with everyone!

Check this Bischoff clip before the attitude era started.
WCW/nWo Nitro, January 20th 1997: Eric Bischoff “It’s great to be King”

Eric Bischoff: This is one of my favorite promo’s..thanks Markus!

Bischoff challenges McMahon to show up in WCW in 98! The war is on!

nWo Paid Announcement – Eric Bischoff Promo – WCW

Eric Bischoff: This one was fun too!

Eric Bischoff: Thanks Markus for digging up some pretty fun promos…brings back memories!

Paul Burchill and Shane Helms released – Thoughts?

Eric Bischoff: I don’t know Paul, but obviously go way back with Shane Helms. Shane is a great talent and I am certain will land on his feet. EB

Thursday February 25, 2010

eric, what are your favorite television shows (past and present)

Eric Bischoff: 24, Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy.

Eric, Do you think that removing ECW and replacing it with NXT was a good move on the competitions part or simply another case of poor judgement?

Eric Bischoff: I think it was a smart move. While I haven’t seen the show yet, my understanding is that the format is unique and it will be a platform to introduce new talent.

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