ROH News: Black/Strong “Personal Challenge”; Kevin Kelly Comes to ROH

A “personal challenge” between Tyler Black and Roderick Strong has been announced for ROH’s Phoenix debut on March 26th and 27th. On Friday, Black will attempt to beat Strong and Austin Aries, back-to-back. On Saturday, it’ll be Strong’s turn to go back-to-back, against Black and Aries. There has been no announcement on whether the ROH World Title will be on the line. Click here to read the press release.

Jim Cornette announced today in his weekly Podcast on Who’s Slamming Who that former WWE backstage interviewer and announcer Kevin Kelly (you know, the guy The Rock used to call Hermy) will be performing commentary for ROH on its Internet PPV’s, beginning with “The Big Bang!” (ROH’s Charlotte debut), on April 3rd. I assume this means ROH is planning on airing PPV’s via the Internet on a more regular basis.

NOTE: In his podcast, Cornette also said that the main event for “The Big Bang!” will be announced on Wednesday. If I were a betting man, I would wager that the ROH World Title will not be defended in the Black/Strong “personal challenge”, but on April 3rd instead.

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