JR Blogs: TNA’s Ratings Obsession, Ricky Steamboat DVD, Strikeforce’s King Mo

Mid week blog check-in from Jim Ross and here are some highlights:

on TNA’s obsession with ratings
I fully understand the importance of TV ratings but for some fledging companies it seems as if they are more concerned about the type of shingles they are going to put on the roof of the mansion that they want to build rather than first focusing on the foundation of the structure.

on Ricky Steambot DVD
Apparently a long awaited DVD on the career of the great, WWE HOF’er Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat will be released in June. Being on a medical leave of sorts really is a bummer for many reasons not the least of which being not involved in projects such as this one. Ricky is one of my all time favorites and his matches with Ric Flair, among many others, are simply timeless classics. Their 1989 NWA Title Bout in Chicago that I had the privilege of calling is one of my favorite nights on the job. What a match those two had and it’s just as good today as it was when it aired lived. One would assume that contest will be included with the many great Steamboat matches that Dragon had in the NWA and in WWE. Ricky and Jay Youngblood also had some great tag bouts with Jack and Jerry Brisco in the NWA which are tag team clinics.

on Strikeforce’s King Mo
Strikeforce’s “King” Mo Lawal is an Oklahoma State alum and former Cowboy wrestler who has “it” as it relates to charisma and marketability. Plus, the man can athletically and physically get it done. Mo considered pro wrestling very seriously at one point before continuing his mat training at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. If he continues to improve and not get caught up in his own, entertaining hype, Mo Lawal is going to make a bunch of cash in MMA.

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