RabbleCast #176

A note to the folks at IP that may have never listened to the RabbleCast:

The Rabblecast is a wrestling podcast first. Featuring two NJ based Indy wrestlers, Erik ‘Indian Warrior’ Hernandez, and Myke Quest, along with James Hatton – from their varied wrestling experience you get a view of pro wrestling rarely seen. Past that, it is a talk show where three regular schmucks talk about wrestling and the world. It is filled with poor tasted humor, potty mouthed hosts, and is not for the PG-Minded.

On This Week!
– The Rabblecast Reintroduces itself to Inside Pulse!
– NXT Reviews
– Myke might be a TNA-Terrorist…
– Jamie addresses the Maria “Situation”

And introducing: Straight Shooting With Myke Quest:

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