WWE Vintage Collection Recap – 2/28/10

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Wow, it’s been a while. I have to apologize, life has been insane.

So, straight into Vintage Collection, and we’re going on a look back through WrestleMania events.

The first match is between Mr Perfect and The Blue Blazer at WrestleMania V (WM5) (April 2, 1989). We come in, the two men lock up, Perfect goes straight for the side headlock, and from there he gets a hip toss. Blazer is pushed back into the corner and slapped, and Blazer goes for a slap and he trips Perfect down onto the mat, then the two men lock up again. Perfect gets on top with a chop, Blazer runs the ropes and reverses into a body slam. A second body slam then Perfect is dropkicked out of the ring. Blazer hits a baseball slide and rolls out of the ring. Blazer gets in a few punches before throwing Perfect back into the ring, and goes into an arm wringer which is then moved into an arm bar. Mr Perfect is able to push Blazer back towards the corner, and an irish whip sends him to the other corner. Blazer jumps, and as they go back, Perfect is able to block a hip toss, but the second try works, into a bodyslam and then a dropkick leave Perfect down on the mat. Backbreaker into a one count, as we flow into a suplex and a scoopslam. Blazer is on top of this match as he climbs to the top rope, but as he comes down Perfect puts his knees up. Mr Perfect takes over with punches before going into a reverse chinlock. Both men come to standing again, and Blazer is run into the corner, and manages to kick him to stop him and into a powerslam to a one count. Irish whip into the corner, and then a suplex to a two count. Another whip into the corner, Blazer is able to get a crucifix to a two count. Perfect comes back with a punch, and then into the Perfectplex for the three count and the win.

We go into a nice little promo about the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. The promo is about DiBiase and his upcoming induction into the Hall Of Fame at WM26.

We’re also shown a promo from Ted DiBiase about his WrestleMania VI match against Jake “The Snake” Roberts. And the promo that Roberts cut on DiBiase and his championship belt.

Before we get into our next match, we go to a WrestleMania moment from WM VI where Demolition took the win over Andre the Giant and Haku.

This next match is between Ted DiBiase with Virgil and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and it’s for the Million Dollar Championship at WrestleMania VI. (6) (April 1, 1990). We come into the match that is already underway as Roberts is able to use momentum to send DiBiase flying out of the ring. Roberts follows him and throws him back in. An elbow drop from DiBiase gets him an edge, but a knee puts Roberts back into this. But a second missed knee leaves Roberts face down on the mat. DiBiase drops quite a few elbows to the back of his head. and locks a front facelock in on the mat, but Roberts is able to make it back to standing. Roberts is able to push him to the turnbuckle and break the hold and roll outside. DiBiase follows him out and pulls him into the ring post before rolling him back into the ring. DiBiase hits a piledriver and we go to an ad break.

Coming back in, DiBiase has locked in the Million Dollar Dream as Roberts tries to get to the ropes. As they fall to the ground, Roberts is able to get his foot onto the ropes to break the hold. As DiBiase goes for a three count, Roberts puts his foot on the rope again. Roberts is dragged into the middle and another two count before DiBiase climbs up high and tries to come down, but Roberts is able to stop him mid air with a shot to the groin, and then a clothesline knocks DiBiase down. Into an inverted atomic drop before hitting a second clothesline, Roberts seems to be in more control. An irish whip leads to a backdrop, and a short clothesline knocks DiBiase back down to the mat again. Outside interference when Virgil pulls Roberts out through the ring ropes, and Roberts bodyslams Virgil down, but DiBiase is able to get in and lock in the Million Dollar Dream. As they’re pushing each other, both men run into the ring post, and Virgil throws DiBiase back into the ring where the ref is about to finish the 10 count. So your winner, the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase by countout. But of course, the match doesn’t end there, with Roberts sliding back in and unloading on both DiBiase and Virgil. Virgil is able to grab the belt and run, which leaves DiBiase in the ring to take a DDT. And then Roberts starts handing out the money to the crowd as we go to an ad break.

Our next WrestleMania moment is from WM VII, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Rick Martel are both blindfolded, Roberts hits a DDT, the blindfolds come off, and Damien the snake comes out.

Now we’re into a nice little promo from Undertaker and Paul Bearer talking about their WrestleMania VII (7) (March 24, 1991) match. This is Undertakers first ever WrestleMania match, the start of the streak up against Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. The match is already underway, and as we come in, Undertaker hits a suplex, but he then misses an elbow. Snuka fights back here with punches and chops before he goes to hit a flying shoulder, Undertaker ducks here and Snuka’s momentum sends him flying out of the ring over the top rope. As he gets up onto the apron, Snuka is able to push Undertaker back a little before going for a slingshot back into the ring. Undertaker catches him mid-air before spinning him around to hit a tombstone for the first win of the massive streak.

Our next Wrestlemania moment is from WM VIII and it’s a brief package from the Undertaker’s second match of the streak where he took on Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Now into the main event match, and we’re looking at a match from WrestleMania V (5) (April 2, 1989) and it’s between Ravishing Rick Rude and Ultimate Warrior for the Intercontinental Championship. First things first, both men cut promos on each other. We come into the match which is already underway, and Warrior is manhandling Rude throwing him into the corner, before an irish whip sends him into one corner and then back into the other. One more whip and Rude goes down. As he gets up, Warrior locks in a bear hug submission. Rude is eventually able to break the hold by raking Warriors eyes, and he goes up high and delivers a dropkick from the top rope. Warrior comes straight back with a bodyslam, and then into another bodyslam before going straight back into the bear hug. The referee stops Rude from raking Warriors eyes again, and eventually Rude is able to break out. Warrior goes in, biting Rude before hitting a back body drop and then goes to drop down on Rude. But, Rude is able to lift his knees and stop the onslaught. Rude then goes for a piledriver and we get a two count before an ad break.

Coming back into the match, Rude seems to be on top of things, but also appears to be in a lot of pain. As Warrior gets back to standing, Rude is able to knock him back down again with a clothesline into a two count. Rude goes for a neckbreaker and another two count before he is able to lock in a submission that Warrior eventually breaks by getting to the ropes and shaking Rude off. Warrior comes straight back with a flying tackle, and as Rude is getting to standing, slams him down face first. This happens again and then Warrior goes for a backbreaker, drops Rude into the ropes, and knocks him down with a clothesline. Rude is thrown into the turnbuckle and then whipped into the opposite corner. Warrior tries to go for the same whip, but Rude is able to reverse things and Warrior flies face first into the turnbuckle. Rude tries to lock Warriors arms up, but Warrior is able to power out quickly before hitting a clothesline as Rude rolls out of the ring. Warrior throws him straight back in, before sending him straight back out face first onto the apron. Warrior goes for a suplex from the outside, Bobby Heenan grabs his foot and holds on as Rude is able to get the three count and the win. Heenan is pressed up by Warrior and thrown down before we see Warrior runs to the back. The winner here, Ravishing Rick Rude.

And that’s all we have for this week, and we should be back next week with more WrestleMania moments.