Charlie Haas Speaks Out On WWE Release, Shelton Benjamin, Wrestling Future

“Right After Wrestling” hosted by Arda Ocal with Corey Erdman had the first interview with former WWE employee Charlie Haas. Highlights include:

  • Talking about how he’s not a Hollywood entertainer but a wrestler, and looks forward to continuing to “wrestle”
  • He has a 90 day no compete clause, but is able to work in the Independants immediately – he is wrestling Tommy Dreamer this weekend
  • His thoughts on why Shelton Benjamin isn’t a main eventer.
  • The WWE’s concern that if they push wrestlers, will they walk out on the company
  • Regretting going back to WWE too soon and wishing he had gone elsewhere
  • on WWE
    I thank WWE for the opportunity – my first run was the best ever. The second run – after getting married, my wife going to TNA, and I had the opportunity to go to TNA – it was a big, big mistake. I was always loyal to WWE. I thought they would be loyal to me, but it just wasn’t. I’m a pure athlete wrestler. I’m not a Hollywood entertainer like they want. I can’t fault for them because Vince McMahon is making billions of dollars following his formula.

    on Shelton Benjamin
    Shelton Benjamin is being held back. He should be World champion right now. My personal opinion, I think being an amateur wrestler, we’re a different breed. I think there’s a bad stigma in WWE about amateur wrestlers,” Haas said. “Swagger’s been buried. Dolph Ziggler – they started hot on him and they’ve held off on him. I don’t know if it’s (because) Kurt, Brock, and Bobby Lashley walked out on them, but maybe they’re like, ‘they’re great athletes, they can step up to the plate, but if we push them, will they walk out on us?’ Maybe we’re getting the backlash from that.

    Also on the program was a surprise call from former WCW Tag Team Champion Stevie Ray.

    Listen to the full interview below!

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