Dixie Carter Talks Monday Nights, Hulk Hogan, New TNA Drug Policy

With TNA making the move to Monday Nights next week, TNA Dixie Carter has done an interview with Alex Marvez talking about TNA and its future. Here are some highlights.

on the debut on Monday March 8
I kind of look at this as our beginning. We’ve been training and getting in shape and doing all the prep work. Now, we’ve finally gotten to the starting gate.

on Hulk Hogan’s contributions to TNA
He’s brought so much to our product, and not even for storyline purposes or work… He’s contributing on multiple levels

on TNA’s longterm future
I am so excited by this and am not embarrassed to show what a big deal this is for our company… I really feel like if you watch our show, you can feel there’s something different there than even just a couple years ago

She also said TNA is in the process of formulating a new drug-testing program.

Full Interview by Alex Marvez

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