Glee 2010 Spoilers: Details About Neil Patrick Harris' Character Revealed; Feud With Matthew Morrison

Glee fans might want to sing with excitement as details have finally been revealed about Neil Patrick Harris’ character when he joins the show upon its mid-season return.

NPH will play Bryan Adam, a high school glee club nemesis of Will’s who is now a board member at McKinley.

Flashback scenes will show Bryan being the much cooler Glee clubber, picking up girls and getting all the best solos. The rematch resurfaces when Adams (Harris) announces that he is cutting all the arts programs at the school in a cost-cutting measure. He apparently feels that the choir ruined his life, gave him false aspirations of grandeur and now all he does is book Carnival cruises. It’s time for him to get his revenge.

The episode will air during May Sweeps.