IPTV Thursday: Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, American Idol Previews

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What to read on IPTV Today

The final day of reveals in the Greatest Survivor Feature are revealed today.

  • Erinn Lobdell
  • Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade
  • James ‘JT’ Thomas Jr.
  • Russell Hantz
  • Check out IPTV tomorrow for the winner!

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  • What to watch tonight?
    What should be on your nighttime TV radar – for good OR bad reasons.

    Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (CBS) 8 p.m.
    One of the game’s most notorious masterminds finds her grip on an alliance slipping as they lose sight of their plan and consider voting out one of their own.

    Get ready for the return of the hidden immunity idol. The mastermind? Cirie and I think she’s toast.

    American Idol (FOX) 8 p.m.
    Four more semifinalists two girls and two boys will be eliminated from the competition and sent home tonight after America’s vote is revealed.

    I am not happy about the Survivor vs. American Idol conflict again.

    The Office (NBC) 9 p.m.
    Pam’s contractions begin but she and Jim are determined to wait it out as long as possible so they can have more time at the hospital. Meanwhile, the rest of the office tries to distract Pam from the pain with food and entertainment. And as Michael anxiously waits for Pam and Jim’s baby to be born, Erin makes Andy jealous when she has lunch with Kevin.

    I am way more excited for a possible Dwight/Angela reunion which is also rumored for tonight’s special one-hour episode.

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