The Office – Episode 6-17 & 6-18 Review

“Hey, did you change?”
“Oh, yeah. My water broke.”

On tonight’s “The Delivery”…

Pam reveals that she is having irregular contractions, but she and Jim are slow playing the labor until midnight. Otherwise their insurance will only cover two nights in the hospital. Michael is excited about Pam’s “contraptions”, having gone so far as to baby-proof the office. Meanwhile, Kelly realizes the harsh realities of pooping yourself during labor and  Dwight propositions Angela to have his child. Dwight and Angela “bang out” a parenting contract to determine baby names, controlling the gender of the baby, and naming it.

Pam announces that “distractions are good” for her contractions and Michael calls a meeting for just that. Andy performs the revolution of dance dance, Ryan reads poetry, Erin recites award winning race horses from memory.

Jim becomes frazzled with Pam and leaves to go dwell on the urgency of the situation rather than enable her crazy preference to wait out her contractions for seven more hours. Pam accidentally reveals to Jim that she’s having a baby girl, relaxing Jim somewhat until he notices that Pam has changed clothes…to which she responds that her water had broken earlier.

“There is no rush to get to the hospital. If I get there, I’ll get there. And if I don’t get there…I don’t.”

Pam decides to indulge in Ultra-Feast–her daily pig-out with Kevin–as she realizes she may have waited a bit too long for the hospital. Michael had forgotten to warn Jim at the 5 minute mark between her contractions and they have decreased to 2 minutes. At this point Pam decides to go to the 5 o’clock traffic with Dwight escorting (Dwight is quickly pulled over after putting a siren atop his car to clear traffic). Realizing she is missing her iPod with her birth song on it, Pam calls Dwight and asks him to go by her house to pick it up. He insists on breaking in.

Michael accidentally walks in on Pam giving birth and leaves quietly, remarking only that “That kids going to have a lot of hair”. When Pam finally gives birth, Michael hears it outside the door and lights a cigar in celebration…which he’s told to put out immediately.Jim later introduces Michael to Cecilia Marie Halpert.

Dwight, after being dispatched to Jim and Pam’s house (breaking and entering) to get her iPod the day before, discovered a mold problem instead. He helps himself to a stay in their bed and commences work on the mold the next morning.

Back at the office, Michael credits himself with getting Pam and Jim together and asks his employees to allow him to fill the voids in their lives with love. Michael decides to start off with hooking Erin up with Kevin. When Erin insists that she really likes Andy, Michael chooses to guilt her into spending time with Kevin instead by telling her that he has serious “elephant heart” issues. Andy instantly becomes jealous.

Pam and Jim struggle with blanket wrapping and breast feeding in the hospital. Running low on rooms, Pam and Jim are forced to share the room with another new family. Jim becomes uneasy with a male lactation consultant.

After a plea from Erin, Michael decides to interject and tell Kevin that he is not good for her, bringing Kevin to tears.

Waking up to a screaming baby in the middle of the night, Pam asks Jim to grab her and Pam suddenly finds that she’s having an easier time breastfeeding. She falls asleep with the baby on her chest until her friend Isabelle arrives, at which point Pam realizes she had been breastfeeding and cradling the baby from the roommate couple. Jim replaces the baby and grabs Cecilia from the other side of the room. The mother awkwardly finds that her baby isn’t hungry.

Isabelle goes to Jim and Pam’s house to find that Dwight has installed new cabinets in the kitchen, flirting a little as well. They seem to be on better terms since Jim and Pam’s wedding.

Andy decides to finally ask out Erin cleverly by asking her to fax a document that reads “Erin will you have dinner with me?” to the office’s own number. After a little more difficulty, Erin reads the fax and agrees to go out with Andy. Naturally, Michael takes credit.

Outside the hospital while waiting for Jim to bring the car around, Pam has finally succeeded in breastfeeding Cecilia.

The episode closes with Dwight and Angela finalizing their parenting paperwork. With a hint of uncertainty about him, Dwight asks Angela to have a glass of apple juice to celebrate.