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The Write Off: WWF Superstars — July 1, 1995 | Inside Pulse

The Write Off: WWF Superstars — July 1, 1995

WWF Superstars

-Highlights from “Hitting for the Heartland”, a celebrity softball game that featured some WWF superstars, is shown. This was a benefit show for the families who were victimized by the Oklahoma City bombing, which at that time was the biggest terrorist attack on American soil.

-Our hosts are Vince McMahon and Doc Hendrix. Our sponsor this week is PepBoys. Doc is wearing patriotic clothing this week and is having a mock July 4th cookout at the announce table.

Opening Contest: The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Ken Rafer:

This was the Kid’s return to the ring after being on injured reserve. Rafer gets a headlock to start and nails the Kid with a hiptoss. The Kid gets a headlock of his own and takes Rafer down with a shoulderblock. He nails Rafer with a powerbomb and Rafer bails. The Kid welcomes Rafer back into the ring, but Rafer just grabs him by the hair and drops him throat first across the top rope. Rafer hits the kid in the corner with a running elbow, but the Kid goes under a clothesline and hits a thrust kick. The Kid unleashes a flurry of strikes in the corner and nails a spinning heel kick off the ropes. Crucifix rollup finishes at 1:53. Is Razor Ramon teaching his friends rollups in his spare time? All of them seem to love it as their finishing move.

-Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. The WWF New Generation tour is probably hitting up a local high school near you so come and check out the action. Can you imagine the WWE doing shows in high school gyms today? If you’re interested in going to the Madison Square Garden show on August 12th you get to see Diesel and Shawn Michaels against Sid and Jeff Jarrett.

-Henry O. Godwinn is seen mixing up his slop in the locker room and then tasting it. Some things are just better left unseen.

-Call 1-900-TITAN-91 to get your Shawn Michaels, Adam Bomb, and Bam Bam Bigelow t-shirts. It’s $22 for an Adam Bomb shirt (plus $3.95 shipping and handling) and if you get the shirt you get the Adam Bomb miniature football.

“The Supreme Fighting Machine” Kama (w/Ted DiBiase) vs. Jason Arndt:

Kama starts by shredding another black wreath at ringside and yelling at some goth fans that are referred to as “Creatures of the Night.” When he gets into the ring Arndt fakes Kama out to start and hits him with a strike off the top rope. Kama takes advantage when Arndt is restrained by the referee and kicks away. Kama slams Arndt and hits a pump splash off the second rope for the pin at 1:26. The most entertaining Kama squash I have seen yet. Afterwards, he yells at the Creatures of the Night some more.

-Vince McMahon recaps the outcome of the Bret Hart-Jerry Lawler match at the King of the Ring pay-per-view. Lawler lost and was forced to eat Bret’s foot and then his own.

-Lawler is shown at his dentist, Isaac Yankem D.D.S., to cope with the after effects of the King of the Ring. He says Yankem will be coming to the WWF to get revenge on Bret.

-Highlights of Jeff Jarrett-Savio Vega are shown from Monday Night Raw. Vega won by disqualification after the Roadie interfered but the match was notable because Shawn Michaels got involved. After Raw, Jarrett demanded a match with Michaels, leading to Michaels taking Jarrett out with Sweet Chin Music and tossing the Intercontinental belt on him.

-The premiere of Jeff Jarrett’s music video of the song “With My Baby Tonight.”

-Video showcasing WWF support for the Special Olympics is shown.

The Allied Powers vs. Billy Mack and Lloyd Lanui:

Bulldog and Lanui start and the Bulldog makes Lanui look silly with evasive maneuvers before hitting a flying bodypress off the ropes, dropkick, and an armdrag into an armbar. Luger and Mack are tagged in and Luger works the arm as Tag Team Champions Owen Hart and Yokozuna along with Jim Cornette stroll out to get a closer look. Luger hits Mack with a backdrop and just looking at Luger’s face you can tell that he is just honing it in at this point. Bulldog is tagged in and he works in his vertical suplex spot, which the crowd always enjoys. Luger comes in and hits the forearm smash off the ropes for the win at 2:10. The Allied Powers were a fun tag team on paper but in the ring it never worked out.

-Highlights of the 1995 WWF Hall of Fame ceremony are shown.

-Waylon Mercy’s debut is next and he says he’s ready if you know what he means.

Waylon Mercy vs. Bill Weaver:

Scott Burdette is our guest ring announcer and he’s unsure of what to do when he’s in there. Hmmm…I dunno, maybe ANNOUNCE the participants? Mercy shakes hands with Earl Hebner to start the match and does the same with Weaver. When we get back from a promotional announcement we hear that Mercy attacked Weaver from behind to start and clotheslines him. You see, he snaps in and out of the face/heel routine. Mercy slams Weaver’s head into the canvas and beats on him with some strikes. Weaver mounts some weak strikes but just gets whipped into the buckles and Mercy finishes it with a sleeper at 2:15 shown. The character was good but this debut was less than thrilling.

-Live Events News with Stephanie Wiand and she hypes the Madison Square Garden card for August 12th and talks about the fundraising shows the WWF is doing at local high schools. You can also see the Smoking Gunns at an air show. Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka will be fighting in an Indian strap match at Madison Square Garden, Razor Ramon fights King Mabel, and the Allied Powers fight the Blu Brothers.

Adam Bomb vs. Henry O. Godwinn:

We come back from the commercial break and action is already underway with Bomb hitting Godwinn with a clothesline. The action spills to the outside where Bomb takes Godwinn to the apron. However, Godwinn reverses a whip and sends Bomb into the ring steps as both men are counted out after 33 seconds. THAT was this week’s main event? Afterwards, Godwinn dumps his slop on Bomb and heads back to the locker room. The only redeeming thing about this was Hendrix’s comment that it was nice for Godwinn to share his food with Bomb. DUD

-Back at the announce table we see that Hendrix has failed to properly cook hot dogs but he eats them burnt anyway.

-Next week tune in to see the Smoking Gunns battle Men on a Mission!

The Final Report: Not a great show and the worst Superstars I’ve reviewed so far. The main event was hyped for about 45 minutes and only went 33 seconds. If it leads to a rematch I won’t complain but I have a feeling that this was one of the last times I saw Bomb on WWF television. The only two superstars that looked like they were having any fun out there were the 1-2-3 Kid and Kama.

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