Grey's Anatomy Episode 6-16 – Review

The opening scene features raunchy shots of naked Lexie (who makes a smokin’ blonde, by the way), posing on Alex’s bed. Unfortunately, the mood is killed stone dead when it’s Derek who barges in looking for Karev. He runs away shielding his eyes, as Meredith enters and tells her sister off for having feelings for the emotionally stunted Alex. Lexie insits that it’s just sex. Mer: “Yeah. ‘Cause you’re a no-feelings type of gal. Your heart is in your vagina.” Ha.

Derek arrives at work, still shaking off the image of nekkid Lexie, only to open a door and be treated to the view of Mark and a drug rep, against the wall with their pants down. He turns heel, grumbling, “Why is this my morning?” Hee.

Meredith’s VO tells us that some of the best medical discoveries have been accidental: “Mould. Penicillin. Poisonous tree bark. A cure for malaria. A little blue pill to cure headaches, impotence be damned.” Point is, “It’s hard for us to accept that it’s not always the hard work, or attention to detail that’ll get us results.”

Crisitna arrives at work along with an ambulance. As the daredevil-with-a-split-skull patient is being unloaded, a paramedic slips and he falls off the gurney. Cristina loses the two-time nosediver to Dr Nosedive himself, Charles Percy, who seems only to exist when there’s someone in need of a pissing-off. Consequently, she gets stuck with Gary from legal, Seattle Grace’s own Ted Buckland. But fate is smiling upon young Yang (man, that’s fun to say) and a new patient-bearing gurney is wheeled in outside the legal office, with Jackson Avery at its side. The important-looking besuited guy on it, who addresses Avery as “Jackie”, turns out to be his granfather, and none other than Dr Harper Avery, he of the prestigious medical award. Cristina is gobsmacked and sent away by Harper for not being all that professional. She grumps to Meredith: “I misdiagnosed Harper Avery. In front of Harper Avery. Do you know what that’s goning to do to my chances of one day winning a Harper Avery?” Nothing good, I’ll bet. But look on the bright side: Burke already has one, and his ‘n hers matching stuff is awful enough when you’re still dating and cute.

Mer tries to cheer her up by telling her about Lexie in Alex’s bed. Cue adorably funny gal-pal scene.

  • Cristina, to Lexie: You can’t have feelings for Alex. He’s like Meredith three years ago.
  • Meredith: I said that!
  • Lexie: I don’t have feelings for him.
  • Cristina: Yes you do. Your heart’s like, in your vagina.
  • Meredith: I said that!
  • Lexie: You’re both monsters.
  • Meredith and Cristina exchange some kind of funky high-five thing that looks like this:

Teddy is looking wistfully at Owen being all intense doctor-y in the trauma room as Arizona pops us and in her cutesy chirping way that could easily be annoying but somehow isn’t, tells her she’s going to take her mind off Hunt by being her friend. She announces that they’ll have a girls’ night out with Callie, and maybe Bailey will come too. Teddy looks like she’d rather be repeating that botched bikini wax she mentioned last week but kinda-sorta says OK. Alex jogs up looking to get in on a lung transplant, but Arizona says no, “Because you slept with my girlfriend and now every time I see you, I want to hit you with a brick.” Alex skulks away and the new blonde BFF’s sashay off to tend to the sick people.

Derek is nervous about appearing in front of the legendary Harper, but he’s not interested in the Chief of Surgery anyway, he wants to see Dr Grey. A confused Meredith presents herself, at which Haper remarks, “Either the world’s best plastic surgeon works here, or you’re not Ellis Grey.” (Or you have Ellen Pompeo’s ridiculously youthful supergenes, since she’s probably closer to Ellis’s age than Meredith’s.) Mer cheerfully informs him of Ellis’s passing, and Harper wants her in on his operation, as well as Jackson. Oh, and he wants Richard to be the one cutting him open. Oh, and one last thing, he wants to be wide awake so he can watch the whole thing. Poor Richard’s not getting that easy first day back he wanted.

Arizona, Teddy and Lexie are tending to a boy who needs new lungs, but the problem is there aren’t any spare lungs lying around. That is, until Cristina’s daredevil goes brain-dead. Yay! So Cristina and Lexie get badass and totally steal the guy’s lungs. Teddy flips at first, accusing Cristina of being reckless just to impress Harper Avery. But Cristina’s attitude is, what’s so bad about that? So they’re going to do the transplant, and tell the kid that it’s the best chance he’ll get.  And, if he does kick the bucket, at least the last thing he’ll see is three hot blonde ladies standing around his bed.

After being ordered by Derek to quit banging drug reps, Mark moves on to nurses, calling it ‘progress’. Callie: “Not lying around in your sweats all day is progress. Sleeping with nurses isn’t.” McSteamy keeps himself entertained between booty calls by chasing Karev out of rooms. Which is pretty funny, actually.

Everyone tries getting on Jackson’s good side to get to meet his special grandpop but he sends them packing as he and Harper don’t get on, due to his refusal to work in the hospital Pops wants him to. (LOL moment – Percy: “Dude, whatever to Mercy West forever?” [lame gangsta hand gesture]. Avery: “Dude, that was never a thing.”) Jackson chooses Meredith to be his special friend, since she totally gets how hard it is to be the descendant of an uber-legend. Mer tells him to just tell Harper how he feels, so he does, and Harper goes into cardiac arrest. Oops. Turns out it’s due to the sutures he insisted on Richard using, and they’ve become infected. He wants the fix-it surgery to go as before, with Jackson and Richard operating, and to be conscious. But Derek puts his foot down and tells him that won’t be happening. Angry Chief Derek looks hotter than Weaselly Nuerosurgeon Derek.

Meredith’s VO concludes that the accidents are the most interesting part of our days, as Mark approaches Alex without the serial-killer eyes, to say that he’ll stop chasing him out of rooms. Just as Lexie steps out of a supply closet behind him, in classic I’ve-just-had-sex style. (Which leads me to think, has anyone on TV ever seen someone follow another person out of a room whilst fixing their hair/putting on their jacket, and jumped to the wrong conclusion? Perhaps they were just in there discussing bedpans.) Mark walks off looking rather pained.

Verdict: loved it. The writing is sharp and witty. The music is more poppy, more bittersweet and more fitting. I ‘specially love the League of Their Own-esque ending, with our favourite medical ladies at the batting cages (sans Lexie who’s probably dicussing bedpans with Alex somwhere), and the super-cute grin on Bailey’s face as she hits one out of the park. But Teddy’s is more impressive, as hers flies at the camera and into the closing credits. Ha.