Dixie Carter TNA News: Live Every Other Week, Monday Nights, Executive Comments

TNA moves to Monday Night on March 8, and in a continuing barrage of interviews, Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter teamed up for this one. AND your Dixie Carter highlights…

on excuses about January 4
Quite honestly. Monday [Jan. 4] could not have been a worst time for us to pick. We were dark three weeks leading up to it, and it was coming off a two-week holiday, but we were like, `We need to try it.’ Let’s try it. [Hulk] needs to get out there. We need to have this show, but we didn’t know what would happen. There will people who thought the sky might fall on that day, but we were really confident that the wrestling fans would come through

on not being live every week
I think that’s absolutely the goal, but I think the reason that we’re still in business and making money and having success is that we’ve made good business decisions, and I think this is a good business decision

Spike TV spokesman David Schwarz said
It made perfect sense for us to move [TNA iMPACT] to Monday nights. Without Monday Night Football on the schedule, it’s a great opportunity, and we saw that on Monday, January 4th

as well as what it will take to be a success
We’re not looking at a number. It’s the quality of the product. The excitement they’re bringing. The level of star power that Hulk and the expanding roster brings. If you look at how far the roster has come the last two years — the Kurt Angles, Mick Foley, Ric Flair

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