Hulk Hogan News: Enjoying TNA, Timing of TNA Monday Night

TNA moves to Monday Night on March 8, and in a continuing barrage of interviews, Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter teamed up for this one. Here are some Hulk Hogan highlights…

on the timing of joining TNA
So many people were doing that Internet thing, `Well, Hulk Hogan’s going to do this and nobody’s gonna…’ When I worked in here to TNA, everybody was so gracious. Everything feels so good. It was just meant to be — now

on enjoying TNA
Here in TNA, I’m driving coming to work, and I’m excited about getting here because everybody here accepted me. There was no nipping at the heels, no swerves and curves. Everybody’s been so nice and enthusiastic, it’s a a joy to come here

on January 4
Some things just can’t be denied. There was such an energy in this building [Impact Zone at Universal Studios Orlando] that first night [Jan. 4] that it’s carried through. It hasn’t left this building. It’s like the stench of a skunk or something. You just can’t get that energy out of this building. It’s changed the way this building functions.

Full interview

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