Inside Pulse WWE Smackdown Report 03/05/10

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After a video recap of Jericho and Edge having words with each other last week and the show’s usual opening, Edge makes his way to the ring accompanied by a recap of his win over the Miz last week. The winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble obviously wants to talk about his WrestleMania opponent Chris Jericho, but just as he starts his new bit of repeating “spear” over and over again Big Show interrupts. Edge says spear a few more times, Show reminds us how large he is, Edge makes fun of him and says spear a few more times before the segment ends when Big Show misses a charge and topples out of the ring.

Meanwhile in the GM’s office, Drew McIntyre interrupts Teddy Long’s reading so they can make an announcement. It seems as though Vince McMahon has ordered that Drew’s loss to Kane last week be erased from the record books so that McIntyre is still “undefeated”. However Long declares that Kane still gets a spot in the MITB match and the IC champ will have to wrestle Matt Hardy tonight for another chance at it himself.

MITB Qualifying Match: Matt Hardy def Drew McIntyre: Matt is accompanied to the ring by the rookie he is “mentoring” on NXT. McIntyre gets a back elbow for a quick cover early but Matt fires back with a pair of arm drags. Hardy clotheslines Drew over the top rope but makes the mistake of following him out where Drew and his friend the barricade regain the advantage. As Matt climbs back in the ring, McIntyre puts the boots to him and we fade away to some commercials.

When we return to action McIntyre remains in control and hits a neckbreaker for a two count. McIntyre ends a reversal sequence with a northern lights suplex but Hardy is again able to kick out. After a battle in the corner won by Hardy, Matt hits a yodeling elbow drop and looks for the Twist of Fate. McIntyre escapes and tries for the Future Shock but Matt backdrops out of it. A pinning sequence follows that ends with Hardy gaining the advantage and the pinfall to earn a shot in the Money In The Bank match at WrestleMania. McIntyre is not pleased.

Meanwhile at the Palace of Wisdom, John Morrison compares abs with Slam Master J as they watch his new DVD. R-Truth and his NXT protégé interrupt to discuss their #1 contender match for the unified tag titles tonight. Despite being unable to decide on a name for their team, they still think they’ll win tonight and the belts at Mania.

Shelton Benjamin def Dolph Ziggler: Shelton floors Dolph with a shoulder block off their first exchange and Ziggler talks some trash. Shelton catches Ziggler’s subsequent kick attempt and then punches him in the grill. Dolph goes for the sleeper early after an exchange in the corner but Benjamin is able to escape with a jaw breaker. Blinger Splash misses and Dolph rolls Shelton up for two. Ziggler starts a beatdown but pauses it for a dropkick and another two count. Ziggler scores with a neckbreaker and it gets him another long two count and he follows that with an elbow drop for the same results. Dolph tries a monkey flip in the corner but Shelton bounces out of it and hits a backbreaker to get back into the match. Benjamin hits a belly-to-back suplex with a bridge but can’t hold Ziggler down for a three count. Dolph locks on his sleeper again, but Shelton is able to escape. Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag but Shelton blocks it and sends him into the turnbuckle then hits the Pay Dirt for the pinfall victory.

Ezekiel Jackson def Jimmy Yang Wang: Despite winning the ECW title on the last episode of ECW, Jackson does not come to the ring with the belt but they do mention his winning the belt. Wang struggles to get a grip on the big man early but scores with a nice dropkick before being casually tossed aside. Ezekiel takes the action to the corner but eats boot on a charge to JYW. Jimmy follows up with a successfully charge of his own and climbs to the top rope. But this does not prove to be a wise move as Jackson catches his attack and hits his finisher for the win.

We take a peek in Rey Mysterio’s locker room where he is hanging out with his daughter and giving her one of his new action figures before leaving her with former ECW GM Tiffany to go to the ring. Unless baby sitting pays a lot better than it used to that is quite the step down in careers for her.

CM Punk and Serena accompany Luke Gallows accompany Luke Gallows to ringside for his match and Punk uses this opportunity to bless us with a sermon. Punk is unhappy with Mysterio’s fan following and what he feels it represents. He is unhappy with Rey and what he feels he represents and is unhappy with Mysterio’s actions last week during Punk’s MITB qualifying match. The leader of the SES then charges Gallows with beginning to punish Mysterio for these actions.

Rey Mysterio def Luke Gallows: Rey tries to attack low on Gallows o start but ends up on the wrong end of a big back suplex. Mysterio answers back with a flying head scissors but eats a shoulder block as Luke regains control. Rey goes low again to counter and Gallows misses a charge that sends him flying out over the top rope. Punk comes over to offer some advice and we take a commercial break.

As we return to action Gallows lays out Mysterio with a clothesline and an elbow drop for a two count. An exchange on the apron leads to Rey getting sent back first into the ring post and crashing onto the floor. Gallows press slams Mysterio back into the ring and continues his assault with a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. The 8th dwarf tries to fight back but Gallows hits a fall away slam for another long two count. Luke misses a charge into the corner Mysterio responds with a slingshot senton before hitting a rebound body press for a nearfall. Gallows levels Rey with a clothesline from his knees but it only gets him two. Mysterio then reverses a possible sky high attempt into a facebuster but his attack from the top rope is halted. Gallows hits a big splash and covers but still cannot hold Mysterio down for a three count and Punk is not pleased. Rey turns his around the world ddt attempt into a submission hold but Luke is able to get to the ropes. However when the hold is broken, Gallows is left set-up for the 619, but as Mysterio charges Serena climbs the apron to halt the attempt. Punk then distracts Rey so that Luke can recover but his powerbomb attempt is reversed by Mysterio into the winning pinfall attempt. Post match, Punk tries to make Rey Go To Sleep, but Mysterio slips out of it and escapes up the ramp.

Meanwhile in the Big Show’s locker room, he and Jericho have the kind of conversation that only former lovers or tag-team partners can have.

John Morrison & R-Truth def Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty: This is a wacky triple threat tag match where only two men can be in the ring at once and with winner will face Show-Miz for the unified tag titles at WrestleMania. Morrison starts off against Shad and they play size versus speed for a bit. Shad catches a springboard maneuver by Morrison and turns it into a spinebuster for a two count. Shad then drags John over to his team’s corner and tags in JTG as the show takes a commercial break.

When we return to the squared circle, JTG has Morrison in his grasp as Striker drops an Eric B & Rakim reference. Tandem offense is replayed and tandem offense ensues as Shad is tagged back in and Cryme Tyme remains in control. Tyson Kidd makes a blind tag on JTG who is not happy with it and dropkicks him back to his corner. However David Hart Smith quickly tags in and is able to prevent Morrison from reaching is own corner for relief. Smith hits a belly-to belly version of the 3 Amigos and covers Morrison for a count of two. John escapes from a vertical suplex attempt and he and Smith clang heads to send both of them to the mat. Smith reaches Kidd for a tag first and he enters and knocks both members of Cryme Tyme off the apron. But this delay in stopping Morrison’s crawl to his corner costs the HD and R-Truth is able to enter the match for the first time. Truth levels Kidd with a kick to the face and goes for the pin but it is broken up by Smith. Shad enters the fray and slugs it out with Smith but both are clotheslined out of the ring by Morrison. JTG tries to attack Truth from the apron and distracts him long enough for Kidd to hit him with a springboard dropkick that gets a nearfall. R-Truth then hits the Lie Detector and covers Kidd for the pinfall victory and the title shot. Morrison and Truth then bust out some break dancing moves in the ring to celebrate.

Edge def Big Show: After a brief game of tag, Big Show levels Edge early with a series of headbutts and takes control in the early going. The action spills outside of the ring and Edge slips out of a slam attempt and sends Show head first into the ringpost. Once back in the ring, Edge tries to keep the pressure on but suffers another headbutt from Show instead. After yet another headbutt, Show locks on a headlock but Edge escapes with a jaw breaker. Show tosses Edge down with a body slam and tries to pay tribute to Vader but the splash misses and gives his foe new life. Show charges Edge in the corner but eats a big boot as a result. Edge tries for a tornado ddt but gets shoved off in mid-turn by the Big Show but rebounds with a bulldog from the top rope. Show goes for the chokeslam but Edge reverses into a ddt then nails Show with a SPEAR for the win. After the match Chris Jericho tries to attack Edge but gets (can you guess?) SPEARED instead.