Ken Anderson News: WWE Firing, Randy Orton, TNA Creative Difference

TNA has given a big push to Ken Anderson, the former Ken Kennedy, in the first part of 2010. In a recent interview, Anderson spoke frankly about his WWE firing and TNA.

on differences between WWE and TNA
in TNA they hand me a piece of paper that says ‘Ken Anderson interview’. The first night they gave me that I was like ‘ah, what do you want me to say?’ And they were like whatever you want. Here are your points, just hit those points and whatever else, whatever comes to your mind. To me, that’s unheard of, especially coming from the place I was in the last five years.

on whether he was injured in his last WWE match

First of all, I did not get injured in that last match. I know that a lot of people were saying that I had broken my wrist or something like that. I was holding my wrist because I had just got the snot pounded out of me for about ten minutes by five of the top guys in the company. I was just selling

on Randy Orton and his firing in WWE
He (Orton) told me to give him a belly-to-back suplex and I did and I thought everything was fine. I got to the back and he was holding his neck, saying that I dropped him on his head. He went to the back and lectured me about how I need to be safe and all this other stuff. He got three huge bags of ice – one on his neck, one on his left shoulder, one on his right shoulder. He got them all saran wrapped up, put his shirt back on and we walked to the locker room and he chewed me out the whole way there – calmly and quietly – but he told me that you need to be careful, blah blah blah. I felt bad about it because I didn’t know. I hadn’t seen the tape so I thought I really dropped him on his head. Then I went home and saw the tape and saw that he landed flat. If you slow the video tape down, his neck never comes into contact with the mat. So, I’ll let you…you watch the tape and you let me know what you think. He landed flat as flat can be and then he went and complained to Vince (McMahon) and then (John) Cena went and complained to Vince and said that they didn’t want to work with me anymore because I was dangerous and that is what ended up being the final straw. I wouldn’t say that’s what got me fired because there were so many other things before that. It was like they were looking for a reason to get rid of me.

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