30 Teams in 30 Days: Chicago White Sox Top 10 Prospects

White Sox

1. Tyler Flowers, C – He may be a rare specimen – a large bodied catcher that can handle the position. Flowers’ power has developed well in the last year. He won’t hit for average, but his production should be better than most catchers.

2. Dan Hudson, P – Hudson will be a back of the rotation starter, as he does everything well, but doesn’t stand out in one particular area. He looked pretty well in his MLB audition, so he could be in the rotation this year.

3. Jared Mitchell, OF – Mitchell can either be a star or a platoon player. He’s too patient, often missing good pitches. He’s very good defensively. The problem is his splits; if he can’t hit pitchers throwing from both sides of the mound, he’ll not be successful.

4. Brent Morel, 3B – Right now, the only thing keeping Morel out of the top prospect status is his power. If he can hit a few more homers at the upper levels, he’ll be a great sleeper. Too bad he’s block by Mark Teahen.

5. Jordan Danks, OF – Danks is a very patient, but strikes out often. If he can work on that for a full season at Triple A, he could be seen as the centerfielder of the future. This season will prove what type of player he can be.

6. Dayan Viciedo, 3B – Viciedo could easily jump up in the rankings if he can build upon his disappointing American debut. He showed little patience and power in Double A, which may have been a level too high for him. He’s got the build to be a prototypical third baseman, but needs to adapt to get there.

7. Santos Rodriguez, P – Rodriguez has the chance to be a top of the rotation starter, but he really needs to harness his stuff. If he can’t, he could end up like a Kyle Farnsworth reliever.

8. David Holmberg, P – Holmberg currently profiles as a back of the rotation starter, as he’s got the pitches but not the velocity. I don’t see his fast ball gaining more speed at this point.

9. John Ely, P – Ely has the potential to be an innings eater, with a downside of a long reliever. He’s got a good fastball with movement and a plus change. He won’t over power hitters.

10. Miguel Gonzalez, C – This catching prospect could be a sleeper this year. After spending the season in Rookie Ball, he should be in Hi A this year; he could even end the year in Double A if he continues to put up impressive numbers.

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