Pope D’Angelo Dinero News: IGN.com Talk About TNA, Ric Flair, Monday Nights

One of the breakout stars of the Bischoff/Hogan era in TNA has been “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, formerly Elijah Burke in WWE. Recently he did an interview and here are some highlights:

on being in the main event of TNA Against All Odds 2010
Oh wow. That was wild. That was wild for a number of reasons but it was very gratifying. It was humbling as well. It was unbelievable. You know it was something in itself just to go out there and wrestle three times against three very physical individuals. But to close out that show and to be in the Main Event and have the fans — after going out there three times — still with you right until the very last moment… it was overwhelming, man.

on Monday Night Wars 2010
I think the feeling for a lot of people – and you know a lot of the guys have been there before so they’re excited to be going into this era of Monday Nights once again. For a lot of them it’s re-visiting what once was. But for a lot of the younger guys it’s going into a new territory and we’re going to experience something that we never dreamed of. The atmosphere is great though.

on Ric Flair
You know, for all Flair is and for all Flair has done, he should be very happy that Pope took it easy on him in there. Pope was constrained by time limits and so forth. So he should be very happy in this day and age, because Pope can run circles around him on the mic. Again, I’m in there with a guy who influenced me a great deal. I don’t think there’s a person in there who can say that they’ve had no sort of influence ever from watching Flair. And if they do say that then I think it’s a great injustice to Flair, to them, to this business and they shouldn’t be here. We’re talking about the greatest wrestler who ever lived. I’ve been in the ring with Flair before and I’ve traded words with him before on ECW when me and Shelton jumped on Flair, but to go out there and as me, aka Pope, in that ring and to say what I want to say to Flair and not be scripted by some 20 year old nerd that’s sitting in the back trying to tell me what I should say… Man, there’s nothing like it.

Hmm I smelled a little kayfabe in there. Check out the full interview on IGN.com

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