WEC 47 Live Round by Round Updates

World Extreme Cagefighting is set for its second event of 2010 with WEC 47: “Bowles vs. Cruz”. The event is set for 10 p.m. ET tonight and features a main event between 135-pound champion Brian Bowles and top contender Dominick Cruz.

Also on the main card is a bantamweight fight with major title implications between former 135-pound kingpin Miguel Torres and Joseph Benavidez, along with a featherweight bout between Javier Vazquez and mixed martial arts legend Jens Pulver.

The five fight main card will broadcast live on Versus at 10 p.m. ET. However, for the unfortunate folks with DirecTV and all others who will be unable to watch the fights live, Inside Fights will be bringing live round-by-round updates to you as the action happens. It may not be the same as watching it on your 52″ television, but please join us for the next best thing!

And we are live. For preliminary results, check out the results from earlier in the evening.

Main Card

Main Event: Bantamweight Champion Brian Bowles vs. Dominick Cruz

Round 1: The two touch gloves and the bantamweight title fight has begun. Cruz is dancing around the ring. Bowles looks for a bomb and lunges with a flurry, but nothing serious lands. Cruz dodges a big shot. Still dancing. Cruz is working strange angles, but he looks very quick. Cruz misses with a combination. Bowles throws some bombs, but misses yet again. Cruz continues with the great movement. He looks very confident, as he lands a jab. Each fighter lands a nice shot. Cruz lands a nice shot that affected Bowles. Fighters have a quick exchange. Great angles by Cruz. He is clearly the better fighter in terms of technical striking. Cruz lands a nice hook. Then a cross. Bowles is confused by Cruz’s style. Cruz gets Bowles to the ground. Cruz stands up. Bowles is bleeding from the nose. Thirty seconds left. Bowles lands a shot, and so does Cruz. Round is over, and it was all Cruz. 10-9 for the challenger.

Round 2: Cruz continues with his movement, and it is effective. Bowles tries to keep moving as well. Nice right counter by Cruz. He lands a nice leg kick. Bowles tries to stay active, but he is baffled. Bowles lands a shot. Cruz lands a nice jab. Cruz continues with the effective feet movement. Bowles catches a kick and looks to attack, but Cruz brings a combination right back at the champion. Bowles is confused. Nice combination by Cruz, finished by a leg kick that sends Bowles to the mat. Bowles just looks confused. Cruz lands another kick and evades another Bowles combination. Bowles is bleeding out of his nose again. Nice combination by Cruz. He is outclassing Bowles this round as well. Cruz continues to dictate the stand up. Bowles goes for a takedown, but it’s stuffed. Fight is stopped due to illegal shot to the groin. Bowles is fine, and action resumes. Cruz gets right back to his awkward movements that seem to have Bowles totally baffled. Bowles lands a nice left, but Cruz with the counter. Nice takedown by Cruz with fifteen seconds left in the round. Bowles lands an upkick. Cruz, a leg kick. The round comes to a close. Another 10-9 round for Cruz. However, the scorecards are regardless as Bowles is forced to pull out of the fight.

Result: Dominick Cruz def. Brian Bowles via technical knockout (injury) at 5:00 of Round 2. Cruz is the new WEC bantamweight champion.

Co-main Event: Miguel Torres vs. Joseph Benavidez

Round 1: The two begin with the standard feeling out process. Torres circles around and lands a leg kick. Torres is circling on the outside. Not much action, but Torres lands another kick. Benavidez lands a leg kick of his own. The two throw by the cage, and Benavidez lands a nice shot. Benavidez catches a kick, and Torres ends up on his back. Torres is back up and stays active with a lot of movement. Benavidez clinches and looks for a takedown. Benavidez is strong, but he is much smaller than Torres. Nice toss by Benavidez. Torres on his back. Torres goes for an armbar, but Benavidez is free. Benavidez  looking for a guillotine. Torres lands some heels to Benavidez. Torres still on his back, and Benavidez is in half-guard. Not much happening right now, but Benavidez lands some elbows. Torres back in full guard. Twenty seconds left in the round. Benevidez avoids another submission, and the round is over. Round goes to Benavidez (10-9).

Round 2: Round two begins with Torres circling again. Benavidez in the middle. Leg kick by Benavidez. He looks for an opening and lands a nice right. Torres now in the middle. Torres trying to keep the distance with his reach. Nice jab by Torres. Benavidez throwing big punches, but misses. Torres throws, but does not land anything. Benavidez lands a nice kick. Torres works the jab again. Benavidez looking for an opening, but eats a jab. Eats another. And another. Takedown for Benavidez and he looks for ground and pound. Torres is cut pretty bad. He is bleeding badly.  Guillotine by Benavidez, and he is forced to tap to the choke. Big upset for Benavidez, who really brought his best against the former champion.

Result: Benavidez def. Torres via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:57 in Round 2

Jens Pulver vs. Javier Vazquez

Round 1: No touch of the glove. Pulver lands a nice left. Lands a nice leg kick as well. Vazquez is throwing  leather. Takedown by Vazquez. Pulver going for a guillotine. Pulver is on top, but Vazquez is out of the guillotine. Pulver stands up. Pulver lands a kick and gets taken down. Vazquez has Pulver’s back and works for the mount. Pulver rolls over and is on top. He should be looking to stand up again here. Vazquez going for a submission, but Pulver stands up. Vazquez immediately gets back on top. Butterfly guard for Pulver. Looks like Vazquez is going for an arm triangle. Crucifix for Vazquez. Pulver taking shot after shot. This means trouble for “Lil’ Evil. He is out of the poor situation, but into another. Vazquez is smothering him and takes the back. Vazquez is looking for a rear naked choke, but Pulver is fighting his heart out. Full mount for Vazquez. Armbar for Vazquez, and Pulver is forced to tap. Looks injured. Great heart by Pulver, but he falls up short once again. The crowd is behind him, but it is another sad moment for Jens Pulver and all of his supporters.

Result: Vazquez def. Pulver via submission (armbar) at 3:41 in Round 1

Deividas Taurosevicius vs. L.C. Davis

Round 1: The two touch gloves and we are under way. Taurosevicius takes the center of the octagon. Davis misses with a left, and then with a right. Davis pushes Taurosevicius up against the cage. Both fighters have an immense amount of strength. They each exchange in the clinch. Referee tells them to work. Taurosevicius has Davis up against the cage and lands a left. Knees exchanged. Davis switches the situation. More knees exchanged. The referee separates them, and Taurosevicius takes the center again. Kick lands by Taurosevicius. Davis lands a nice combination. He pushes Taurosevicius up against the cage. This has been a battle of strength so far. The two exchange in the clinch. Taurosevicius pushes Davis up against the cage and is looking for a single. But Davis reverses it. Taurosevicius eats a knee and looks for a takedown. Clock is running down with the two in the clinch, and that is how the round ends. Very close round. Not any notable dominance by either fighter.

Round 2: Taurosevicius misses with a kick. Head kick blocked by Taurosevicius. The two continue to feel each other out. Taurosevicius goes for a takedown, but it is stuffed by Davis. Davis is doing a nice job defending the takedown, but Taurosevicius finally gets it. He’s in half-guard. Davis has his back up against the cage and will likely try to stand as soon as he sees an opening. He is back up. The two are in the clinch ones again. Elbow by Taurosevicius. Davis cringes in pain. Possible groin shot, but the referee did not stop the fight. Davis reverses the situation and pushes Taurosevicius up against the cage. Knees being exchanged. Davis may have just taken another shot to the groin, but the referee did not see that. The two are separated. Davis on the outside. Head kick misses by Taurosevicius. Davis looks unhappy right now. Davis begins to stalk, but the two clinch again. Taurosevicius going for a single-leg takedown. The two are back in the clinch, and, once again, that is how the round ends. Another close one.

Round 3: The third and final round, and neither fighter has displayed an upper hand. This fight is likely even. Couple exchanges, but nothing significant lands. Taurosevicius has Davis up against the cage, but Davis reverses it. Taurosevicius looks for a toss, but just reverts back to the clinch up against the cage. Foot stomps by Davis. The two separate after another even battle in the clinch. They feel each other out again. Head kick blocked by Davis. Davis drops for a double, but Taurosevicius stuffs it. Back into the clinch. Taurosevicius looks for a takedown, but Davis is being stubborn. The two are separated and back to the middle of the cage. Davis lands a shot and grabs a huge takedown. A poor rubberguard by Taurosevicius, but it appears to be stifling Davis’ ground game a bit. Now displaying more flexibility, Taurosevicius pulls the rubberguard higher. They each exchange on the ground as the referee stands them up. Fight still too close to call. Nice right hand by Taurosevicius. He shoots for the takedown, but the two end up in the clinch once again. The crowd boos and the fight is over. This one could be a draw.

Result: Davis def. Taurosevicius via majority decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Karen Darabedyan vs. Bart Palaszewski

Round 1: Palaszewksi and Darabedyan feel each other out for the first thirty seconds. Darabedyan lands a left. Leg kick misses by Palaszewski. Another misses. Finally lands one. Darabedyan lands several bombs. Fight hits the floor and Darabedyan lands some big elbows. Palaszewski looks for an arm, but Darabedyan gets free. Tries again, but Darabedyan is safe. Ground and pound from Darabedyan,  as Palaszewski looks to find a submission. Half guard for Darabedyan. Back to full guard. Darabedyan continues the ground and pound, but Palaszewski lands a big upkick. Darabedyan in Palaszewski’s closed guard. Darabedyan postured up, looking to continue ground and pound. Landing some bombs now. Palaszewski goes for a triangle, but Darabedyan goes back to guard. Darabedyan postured up again and looks to drop some heavy hands down on Palaszewski. Armbar attempt by Palaszewski. It’s deep, and Darabedyan is forced to tap as the seconds dwindled down.

Result: Palaszewski def. Darabedyan via submission (armbar) at 4:40 of Round 1

Thanks for tuning in, folks. It was another great night of fights from the WEC. Stay tuned to Inside Fights for all things MMA.

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