10 Thoughts on TNA Impact – 3/4/10

Well, we’re into the countdown until we see TNA go head to head up against WWE on a Monday night. So I’m bringing you the last 10 thoughts that will be coming from the Thursday night episodes.

10. It’s fun watching Bischoff openly mock Vince, “only a moron would try something like that”. It is true though, the XFL was a really dumb idea.

9. That tag match was, but it raises the question of why TNA don’t showcase teams like Motor City Machine Guns or Generation Me in matches that are actually for the tag team titles.

8. I feel sorry for Jarrett, seriously, a falls count anywhere match in the toilets? What kind of show is this?

7. You have to wonder how much longer the “global championship” will be floating around, because they’re really not doing much to make it even seem important.

6. Anderson coming out as Angle was ridiculously entertaining. It’s not the sort of thing you expect to work, but somehow Anderson actually pulled it off.

5. It would have been so darn funny if Angle had come out in ring gear too. Angle vs. Angle. Make it happen TNA.

4. As much as I’m not a fan of the angle with Angelina and the Beautiful People, they all did a good job with their segment tonight. Even without an actual match they still added to the story.

3. I cannot believe Jarrett actually managed to get a win. It was great, but very unexpected.

2. Not a robe. Styles does not need to be a carbon copy of Flair. Let him have something, anything of his own.

1. That title match was so short I blinked and missed most of it. The four men should have been given a lot more time out there to do their thing.

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