JR Blogs: TNA vs. WWE Monday Night, Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon Wrestlemania 26

Jim Ross wrote up a nice blog for the weekend talking about wrestling issues real and made up.

on weird WWE rumors I think he might have made up
Must be something in the water in some parts of the world as in hallucinogenics as I received emails that swore to me that WWE was going “out of business” after WM26 and that TNA was going to dominate WWE in the TV ratings “war” within a matter of weeks. You won’t find many of these acts of delirium in the newly, updated Q&A’s but there are some classics that I invite you to check out.

on the new Monday Night Wars
I have to see a “wrestling war” to believe it but if that theory does come to fruition then I will be the first to admit mistakenly saying that no such “war” will happen. There is a huge difference in being owned by a media conglomerate such as WCW Monday Nitro being owned by Time Warner and being owned by a private entity that is in the pro wrestling biz. Plus, Spike TV doesn’t have the chops right now that TNT had back in the day of Monday Nitro. The lay of the TV landscape is totally different that it was in the mid to late 90’s.

on Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon
We have many emailers that are curious to see what kind of match Bret Hart has at WM26 vs. Mr. McMahon. I am extremely anxious to see what I perceive will be Bret’s last ever venture into the ring as a competitor. This is a big moment for this fan of the Hitman I can assure you. I don’t expect to see any thing resembling a traditional wrestling match but I do expect this encounter to be one of the most dramatic and memorable moments on the PPV and will be a lasting memory of Wrestlemania. Not knowing what to expect makes the anticipation for this bout even better for me but for those who love to read the “spoilers” not knowing how this long awaited endeavor will go is driving some nuts.

on TNA
With all that said, I wish no ill on any business but my opinion remains the same. All entities should control what they can control and that is their own product. Don’t fixate on other businesses especially the one’s that are perceived as “competition.” Just as in main stream sports, one wants to be in a position to control one’s destiny and one does that by getting better every week, improving what one does, offering alternative concepts to their fan base, and not living and dying on every tenth of a rating point on a network that is still way back in the hunt.

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