RVD News: TNA Rumors, WWE World Title Run

The rumors are heating up for RVD to appear in TNA tonight. He did an interview with Newsboard where he talked about a the possibility of coming to TNA.

on returning to TNA
There’s some interest now. Before I was like, “I don’t see it. No thanks.” And now I’m getting a little wrapped up in all the hype. All day, whenever I leave my house, all day long fans are always like, “Rob, go to TNA!” Sometimes WWE. Sometimes they even say Ring of Honor. But they all want to see me go back. And I feel a little obligated to them. But the highest on my priority list is still time with my wife at home. If it’s possible to do both, then maybe things will work out.

on making it worth his while to return to TNA
But I don’t think I’d really be interested in doing it unless there were plans to really make a big deal about it. Because I don’t need it. I’m fine at home. I don’t have like this aching hunger to get back in the ring. And I’ve still got my overseas bookings anyway, which is fine. It’d be nice to do a run and be seen on TV and to get that reaction. But it’s also possible, if I’m in a studio with only maybe a thousand people, it may be hard to be connected to what’s on the other side of that camera. That’s a small crowd really to judge by. That’s like doing a survey of five people in the street and saying that that’s what the national Americans think about based on your answers.

on his WWE World Title Reign
I’m very happy with it. I never thought that would happen. I never set my goals that high. And I still know that it never would have happened if I hadn’t changed the playing field and actually brought ECW back. The only reason I was champion was because I best represented that style, and it was needed to kick off the new brand. So I actually changed all the current factors that were on the table and made them work for me. Otherwise that never would have happened. I definitely didn’t fit their preconceived notion of what a champion is – probably not even of a major push.

Newsday Interview

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