WWE House Shows Sell-Out Texas; Chris Jericho Celebrates

WWE Smackdown drew 6,000 in Tyler, TX, on February 27, which is a great attendance figure for the city. It was headlined by John Morrison & Edge vs Chris Jericho & C.M. Punk, which Morrison said was his first-ever house show main event. Curiously, Edge and Jericho did not work together during the match.

Savannah, the ring announcer, worked a match on the same show, teaming with Mickie James to beat Michelle McCool & Layla. According to reports, a lot of people in the crowd thought she was Gail Kim.

At the Abilene, TX, show on February 28, which drew 3,000, Chris Jericho had a TV set up backstage to watch the Canada vs USA gold medal hockey game at the Winter Olympics. He said on his Twitter “I told the WWE office if they didn’t set up a TV backstage in Abilene so I can watch the game, that I would skip the show. I wasn’t kidding.” Canada won 3-2 in overtime. Jericho later tweeted that it was the best game he ever watched. The game ended 20 minutes before he was due to wrestle in the main event. He then came out and cut a promo about the game, which caused someone in the crowd to throw a beer at him. Edge defused the situation by saying he and Morrison would take care of Jericho for the fans, so don’t throw anything else or someone might get hurt.

Tiffany teamed with James on that show. Now that Maria is gone there is a lack of available babyfaces on that crew to team with James.

Michelle McCool missed some house shows last weekend due to bronchitis.

WWE Raw drew sell-out house shows on February 26 in Amarillo, TX, drawing 5,000 and on February 27 in Lubbock, TX, drawing 6,500.

Credit: Wrestling Observer

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