WWE Superstars Tapings From Raw [Spoilers]

Here are the spoilers taped on Raw for Superstars this Thursday.

(1) Zack Ryder beat Santino Marella. Santino came out to a good pop first, then Ryder came out to a decent amount of heat. Back and forth five minute match, then Santino hit the Cobra. Ryder rolled to the ropes, then got up and hit the Zack Attack for the win.

(2) MVP & Christian beat Carlito & Chavo Guerrero. Forgettabl, back and forth match. Chavo tried a frog splash after Three Amigos on Christian, but MVP knocked Carlito out of the picture. The distraction allowed Christian to move and hit the Killswitch for the win. MVP had the loudest pop.

credit: Ben Rash, Torch reader

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