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10 Thoughts on ROH on HDNet – 03.08.2010 | Inside Pulse

10 Thoughts on ROH on HDNet – 03.08.2010

1. I think the alleged “Monday Night Wars” are a good thing for ROH. With Monday nights officially becoming THE wrestling night once again (for now), and ROH having the time slow directly before, and showing its replay directly after (overruns notwithstanding) RAW and iMPACT, ROH has a chance to grab some new viewers looking for an appetizer or dessert to their main course.

2. About time they actually showed footage of Black’s backstage celebration from the 8th Anniversary Show. I understand that they wanted to show it tonight in order to set up the announcement of the triple threat, but couldn’t they have shown the footage three weeks ago to make the win seem like a big deal, and then tease the announcement till this week to draw interest?

3. Rayna Von Tosh is hot and the Television Title belt looks really cool. No, it’s not a deep thought, but it’s mine and I’m going to share it.

4. Titus is like ROH’s Zach Rhyder (humor me for a second). Both guys were saddled with borderline Wrestlecrap-worthy characters, but managed to be entertaining in a goofy way through hard work in the ring and with the character. That’s one of my favorite things about wrestling – seeing guys bust their ass to make gimmicks stick that really had no business doing so.

5. I like this new edge to Tyler Black. From superkicking Cornette and Strong during the title match to actually dropping an F-bomb tonight, it looks like ROH is making a good effort at making his dopey babyface act a thing of the past.

6. I hope Strong’s the borderline heel-ish attitude is simply a temporary thing so he can play off of Tyler Black, because I don’t know that he has the charisma and mic skills to sustain a heel persona.

7. The Kings of Wrestling looked great in their “exhibition” tonight. I think their title match at “The Big Bang!” against the Briscoes could be a total show-stealer, and I’m actually looking forward to that match more than I am to the three-way for the World Title.

8. Prince Nana entertains me. He has an old-school heel manager feel to him that I really like. And the little dance he does whenever he escorts his minions to the ring is awesome.

9. I couldn’t help but notice that Rasche Brown played it a little straighter tonight – not cold-cocking his opponent during the pre-match handshake, and actually giving him a clean break in the corner. It looks like ROH is just going to let him kick ass and let the fans decide whether he is a face or a heel, with the former looking more likely right now.

10. Kenny King and El Generico have some good chemistry together. Tonight’s match was very different from the one they had a few weeks ago, but just as enjoyable. Both times, they took a while to get going, but once they did, it made for some really nice action.

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