Introduction to the WrestleMania PPV countdown

WrestleMania XXVI is just under three weeks away. It is without legitimate argument or hyperbole that each year WrestleMania is the biggest (in terms of fans, money, recognition, notoriety and variety of other things) wrestling event of any given calendar year. Over the course of the year no other wrestling event carries more gravitas.

It’s no real secret that the most important time in World Wrestling Entertainment (and arguably the entire wrestling world) is WrestleMania season. WrestleMania has become almost as synonymous as WWE or The Rock or Hulk Hogan in regards to casual professional wrestling lingo. So even though WWE now churns out at least twelve pay per views a year, WrestleMania still holds that highest regard among events. That rings true not just in WWE, but in other wrestling organizations as well. Other companies (such as Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA) specifically set up events wherever WrestleMania is held just to feed of the fan frenzy.

The WWE’s creative team peaks during this period from Royal Rumble until WrestleMania. The booking gets tightened up, the best stories are created and the best rivalries of the year are put together to make the best product. With the Elimination Chamber pay per view officially in the books, the official Road to WrestleMania has commenced.

So in an effort to promote and celebrate the past twenty-five years of WrestleMania, over the next month yours truly will be counting down the past twenty-five WrestleMania events ranked in order of importance, scope, match quality, historical significance, overall intangibles and other varying factors that crop up.

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