JR Blogs: Monday Night Wars, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Stacy Keibler

The Monday night wars have re-begun and Jim Ross is on the sidelines for the start. Here are some highlights from his latest blog:

on the Monday night wars
I am not going to analyze the Monday night wrestling sagas of last night for many reasons. One, I’m not unbiased and two, there is PLENTY of analyzing going on from wrestling websites that do that sort of thing for a living.

on Jeremy Botter:
I invite you to check out an interview that I did with MMA guru Jeremy Botter on www.heavy.com which is going to be a multiple parter. The first installment is up there now where we talk about my fandom of MMA, wrestlers who either would have or who have become MMA stars, and my thoughts on announcing in Mixed Martial Arts. I’ll have more on some potential MMA projects soon.

on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Talked to Steve Austin briefly Monday via phone. He’s out promoting “Damage” which will be released and available for you to purchase on March 23. We’ll head to Wal Mart for our copy, most likely. Steve is on the George Lopez Show tonight (Tuesday) on TBS and Steve will be getting an induction into Harvard University’s National Lampoon Organization. Randy Savage and John Wayne, for the record, are also honorary members. Steve will be in Boston for the Harvard function and I hear that there may be a Stone Cold Beer Party in the works in conjunction with the festivities. This is a fun honor for Steve and the Beer Party should be a hoot. Yes, the real Stone Cold is Tweeting at steveaustinBSR.

on Stacy Keibler
Checkout www.heymanhustle.com for some great photos of former WWE Diva Stacey Keibler at Sir Elton John’s post Oscar bash. Stacey is a wonderful young woman who I always enjoyed working with over the years and feel certain that she will make it in Hollywood before all is said and done. Stacey really has a strong work ethic and her looks, legs, and personality, among her many other attributes is main event level. I would love to see Stacey get a role in an Austin or Rock film down the road.

Full Tuesday JR Blog

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