Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson Sign on The Ledge

Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson are joining Terrence Howard and Charlie Hunnam in the suspense film The Ledge from first-time writer/director Matthew Chapman.

The Ledge is the story of a man (Hunnam) standing on a high-rise ledge who insists he must jump by noon as the policeman below (Howard) tries to manage the situation.

In describing the project, Chapman says the film “examines the different and sometimes dangerous beliefs people adopt as a means of surviving emotional trauma.”

One of the producers on the project, Michael (Loverboy), explains further that “as more and more films succumb to the visual wizardry of 3D, The Ledge explores the fourth dimension: the interior life of tortured souls hovering over the precipice of emotional nullity. This film is the reason why I became an independent filmmaker and why I continue to suffer in the trenches of independent filmmaking.”

The Pulse: I’m trying to see how this is any different than the Kate Beckinsale film Winged Creatures (aka Fragments) from a few years ago. In that film, a group of strangers form a unique relationship with each other after surviving a random shooting at a Los Angeles diner. Will The Ledge flip the script and explore Hunnam’s character and his emotional state primarily or will it be more about emotional connections (ala Crash and others of its ilk). For some reason, I picture flashbacks being a relative occurrence in The Ledge as we learn more about Hunnam and why he feels he needs to jump off the ledge by noon.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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