Plan for MLB Re-Alignment

Has anyone else wondered why there are 30 Major League teams, 6 Divisions, yet not all divisions are made up of conveniently divisible 5 teams??  The AL West has 4 while the NL Central houses 6…..really??  How does this make sense to anyone?  I have an idea for realignment that will balance the divisions and add some intrigue.

First, I’d move the Colorado Rockies from the NL West to the AL West.  They would join Seattle, LAoA, Oakland and Texas.  Geographically it works and wouldn’t you agree Coors Field was made for the DH??  Those Blake Street Bombers of the mid-90s (Galarraga, Castilla, Walker, Bichette, Burks) were nothing but DHs anyway….unfortunately they were in the NL!

But that leaves the NL West with only 4 teams (SF, SD, LA Dodgers, Arizona).  No problem.  Move Houston from the already- too-crowded NL Central to the NL West.  This move leaves the NL Central with 5 teams (St Louis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Chicago) and also puts BOTH Texas teams in Western Divisions.  The Astros travel would be no more taxing on them than it already is for the Rangers.

Why wouldn’t this work??  It’s not like we’d be killing any great rivalries….I mean, who’s going to miss those Rockies/Padres games in mid-May?  Didn’t think so.